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Parent Tour Checklist To Evaluate Each NQS Quality Area
Parents Tools & Resources

Parent Tour Checklist to Evaluate Each NQS Quality Area

The Kids Club Parent Tour Checklist provides insight into the extensive steps taken to permit optimum safety and care within each of our children’s childcare settings, day in and day out.

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Teaching Children
Child Development

June 27, 2024

Effective Behavior Management Strategies for Childcare

Learn about proven behavior management techniques for children at Kids...

Encouraging Kids to Cook, Eat Well, and Stay Active
Child Development

June 24, 2024

Encouraging Kids to Cook, Eat Well, and Stay Active

Discover strategies to handle fussy eaters while encouraging kids to...

our science project the human body banner
Child Development

June 4, 2024

Preschool Science Project

Explore entertaining skeleton-themed science activities tailored for our Kids Club...

Holi - Macquarie Park
Arts and Crafts

May 16, 2024

Holi Powder

Looking to add a splash of colour to your Holi...

In an Emergency Image
Parents Tools & Resources

April 15, 2024

In an Emergency: Information Poster

Help ensure your children know what to do in an...

Child Development

April 11, 2024

Understanding the Importance of Early Childhood Physical Development

Explore the critical stages and factors influencing physical growth in...


ABC Kids Listen

ABC Kids Listen is a dedicated radio station and on demand app that provides music for dancing, stories for relaxing,...

Banner - Supporting Your Child's Transition to School

Supporting Your Child’s Transition to School: A Parent’s Reflection

Embrace the changes as your child transitions from preschool to primary school. Read clear parental guidance from a Kids Club Mum and...

FEATURED TOPIC Parents Tools & Resources

Parents Tools & Resources is a comprehensive collection designed to support parents in nurturing their child's growth and development. It includes parenting guides, educational articles, activity planners, and expert advice to help parents create a stimulating and supportive environment for their kids.

Children have a strong sense of identity

How to manage separation anxiety for children in early learning centres

Across Australia, thousands of children aged between 6 weeks old to five years go to an Early Learning Centre for...

Art based learning at Kids Club

Six Beneficial Toddler Behaviours That Support Their Growth

As your child enters the toddler years, their biggest teacher becomes the world around them. During this stage, you’ll witness...

child playing with pretend cash register

The Real Cost of Child Care in Sydney CBD

These days, most of us work to afford our living costs. When we’re parents to young children, we inevitably have...

FEATURED TOPIC Child Development

Child Development focuses on the various stages of a child's growth, offering insights and resources to support their physical, emotional, and cognitive development. This section includes developmental milestones, tips for fostering healthy habits, and activities that promote holistic growth.

Brains Are Built Not Born

Brains Are Built Not Born | The Importance of Early Childhood Learning & Development

Did you know 90% of a child’s brain develops by age 5?  Decades of neuroscience and behavioural research have helped...

children playing with water

What Are The Benefits Of Sand & Water Play For Toddlers In Early Childhood Development?

Sand and water play for toddlers has many surprising benefits for development, such as enhancing motor skills, social and emotional...

kids club chef working with fresh veg

The Importance of Nutrition in Early Childhood: Development of Mind, Body, Spirit

Everyone wants their child to be healthy and feel good about themselves, both mentally and physically. Considering the importance of...


5 Interesting Benefits of Water Play in Early Childhood Development

Playing with water is a great way to engage our little ones and have fun on a hot day, but...

7 benefits of Toddler Painting

7 Benefits of Toddler Painting

There are several brain development activities for toddlers, but few are guaranteed to enhance a toddler’s brain. Activities shape toddlers...

Green Pasta Bake

Green Pasta Bake is an easy and versatile recipe It’s a great way to get your 5 serves of veggies...

diy raw cacao energy balls recipe

Raw Cacao Energy Balls

Childcare centres all around Sydney have a common problem: picky eaters. Kids are notoriously picky eaters, and it can be...


Recipes features simple, healthy, and fun recipes that children can help prepare. These recipes are designed to teach basic cooking skills, encourage healthy eating habits, and provide a delightful way for kids to explore the kitchen and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

food made in shape of catepillar

Caterpillar Pinwheels

As a leading daycare centre in Sydney, we’ve seen it all. Like most parents, you probably want to do what’s...

Superhero Red, White and Blue Smoothie Banner

Superhero Red, White and Blue Smoothie

Ingredients Red Smoothie 150g frozen strawberries 120ml raspberry juice (or raspberry and cranberry juice/raspberry and beetroot juice) 1 tsp honey...

Superhero Red and Yellow Smoothie Banner

Superhero Red and Yellow Smoothie

Ingredients Red Smoothie 150g frozen strawberries 120ml raspberry juice (or raspberry and cranberry juice/raspberry and beetroot juice) 1 tsp honey...


Activities for kids are engaging, hands-on experiences designed to spark creativity and learning. They include crafts, science experiments, outdoor games, and educational projects that make discovering new concepts fun and interactive.

Natural Finger Painting

Natural Finger Painting

Elevate your child's artistic journey with eco-conscious DIY finger paints crafted from nature's palette. Cultivate sensory exploration and cognitive development...

Ice Excavation Activity

Ice Excavation Activity

Transform learning into play with ice excavation! Uncover treasures, from seashells to toys, in a fun, educational adventure. Spark imagination...

Kid sitting on floor and writing in notebook

Emotional Development: Supporting Children’s Worries

Emotional Development with "Things I Can and Cannot Control Posters." Teach kids to identify what they can control. Download the...

Easy Homemade Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand can assist children with fine tuning their fine motor development. Children can build castles, and mold shapes and...

Fluffy Sand Foam

Fluffy Sand Foam

Discover the joy of sensory play with our simple Sand Foam guide. Ideal for kids, this fun activity promotes fine...

Family Fun Day at Kids Club Hamilton

Kids Club Hamilton Celebrate Recent Family Fun Day!

Kids Club Hamilton's Family Fun Day delighted families with live interactive shows, outdoor activities, and treats, fostering community engagement and...

Relationships With Children

What’s Included in Your Fees at Kids Club Childcare?

At Kids Club daily fees are based on age and they transition children based on their developmental needs. Read to...

FEATURED TOPIC News and Events
Additional Resources for kids offer extra learning materials and tools to support their education. These include worksheets, interactive websites, educational videos, and reading lists that enhance understanding and make learning more engaging and comprehensive.
Lunar New Year Celebrations 2024

Embracing Diversity: Celebrating Lunar New Year with Kids Club

As the Year of the Dragon unfolds, Kids Club centres have embarked on a journey of cultural exploration, immersing children...

Queensland Government Introduces Free Kindergarten Program

Queensland Government Introduces Free Kindergarten Program for Early Childhood Education

Learn about Queensland's free kindergarten initiative, providing accessible early childhood education through government-approved kindy programs in sessional and long day...

Elevate Early Education with Start Strong Funding in NSW - Kids Club Child Care Centres

Elevate Early Education with Start Strong Funding in NSW – Kids Club Child Care Centres

Learn how Start Strong for long day care enhances affordability and access to quality preschool education for your child and...