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Communicating with Families

What is Kids Club Parent Communication Designed to Achieve?

One of our core focus areas is around the ACECQA National Quality Standard, Quality Area 6 which has a specific focus on Collaborative Partnerships with Families. 

To help assist in this collaboration, Kids Club has developed several communication methods which allow families to be able to see what their children and the wider business do throughout the day, while also allowing platforms to be used to openly communicate directly with Centre Director’s, Educators and the Support Office Team. 

Each platform is developed to provide different communication methods that allow for families to communicate more openly with our teams in providing avenues for constructive feedback, ideas and input across all areas of the child’s time at the centre. As with everything that we do, all channels of communication are designed to put the child at the heart of what we do. By helping families be able to access, ask questions and understand their child’s learning journey and daily interactions Kids Club creates a feedback loop of continuous improvement ensuring that we can provide the best possible care for each child’s development.  


How Do We Communicate with Parents?


Each team member will talk to you about your child’s learning throughout the day so you know how your child is developing on a daily basis. 

You will receive your child’s room learning story via email daily, this can also be viewed in your child’s room. 

The Centre also publishes a weekly newsletter which includes photos, Centre updates, news and upcoming events.

An interpreter service is available for families who require it.

Mobile App

Kids Club uses a mobile app designed to allow busy families access to their children’s developmental portfolio in the comfort of their own home and in their own time.

The Kids Club Mobile App is updated daily and includes photos, videos and written observations so you can view the experiences and activities your child has participated in throughout the day. The daily diary is also available in each of the classrooms.

Apple App Store or Google Play Store


Throughout the year at Kids Club, all families are provided with an opportunity to attend information evenings where you hear from our developmental specialists, our educators and learn about your child’s developmental progress.

Social events are also held at your Centre where you’ll meet other families and enjoy celebrations with your children. These include morning and afternoon teas, BBQs, celebrating special events on the calendar and many more.

Notice Boards

Notice boards are situated within each centre. These contain information concerning community events, our weekly menu and weekly program. Please check these notice boards regularly so that you can remain a “well-informed” parent. Each of the rooms also contains a family information area where you will be able to view the activities of the day in the daily program.

An interpreter service is available for families who require it.

Comms Books

Each child in our baby groups, and toddlers on request, is issued with a book to provide an important link between parents and carers. We understand that you do not always have a lot of time at drop-off or collection, so these books allow messages to be shared between you and us. 

Amongst other things, we will note meals, sleeps and toilets through the day (most appropriate for babies and toddlers), and in case these things are not discussed on collection, you can refer back to it once you get home.


You can of course approach any one of our team members, or speak directly with our Centre Director on any topic you wish to discuss surrounding the development of your child within the centre. 

You can also address any questions that you may have directly to our support office by emailing our Customer Service Team and they will help navigate your query to the correct channels.

Social Media

Don’t forget, you can also follow us on Social Media via Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date on all company wide activities and see information from other centres across the business. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Kids Club used an online platform and app that enables you to have access to your child’s learning and information at anytime, anywhere. This app provides families with real time access to their child’s day and helps families to feel more connected to their children.

Updates include information on meals, sleep, bottles, nappy changes and what is happening in the room on the day.

Yes! The children are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we display their works of art, their accomplishments and their progress throughout the centre.

Whilst we have room routines, please note these are flexible, particularly for our youngest of children, where we work to follow their individual routines from home.

You can see what the routine is like in your child’s room based on their age bracket here:

Rainforest Room

Nursery - Ages 0-2

The Rainforest Room caters for babies. It provides a calm and caring home-like environment with carefully planned learning areas and their own outdoor playground.

Ocean Room

Toddler - Ages 2-3

The Ocean Room provides our toddlers with a welcoming, inspiring environment and the opportunity to explore and influence their own experiences and learning.

Outback Room

Preschool - Ages 3-5

The Our acclaimed School Readiness Program aims to increase our preschoolers’ independence, encourage them to follow their interests and create their own learning.

At Kids Club, we believe in providing only the best nutrition for our growing children. Each day, children are treated to a selection of freshly prepared meals across all our Kids Club centres. We have a highly nutritional childcare menu prepared by our in-house Chefs.

Learn More About Your Child’s Nutrition

At our Kids Club centres, we offer your child a diverse range of exciting Extra Curricular Activities that are guaranteed to ignite your child’s passion for learning! And the best part? Our Extra Curricular Activities are free of charge.

Learn More About our Extra-Curricular Activities

Your child’s safety is our top priority, which is why we have various safety and security measures in our centres including biometric login/logout systems.

At Kids Club, we follow various strategies to ensure the governance and leadership is met and upheld. They are as follows:

Our Educators are at the heart of what makes Kids Club a truly exceptional nurturing environment for your little ones. Our team consists of qualified and experienced Educators that not only nurture and care for your child but plan, implement and deliver high quality programs, establishing a safe and trusting bond with each child.

Ratios are calculated across each centre as a whole. This gives providers the flexibility to respond to ensure Educators are allocated appropriately based on the age and needs of children in the service. The current ratios as per the ACECQA guidelines are as follows:

  • For children from birth to 24 months old, the ratio is 1:4 in all states and territories.

  • For children over 24 months and less than 36 months old, the ratio is 1:5 in all states and territories except Victoria, where the ratio is 1:4.

  • For children from 36 months up to and including preschool age, the ratio is 1:11 in the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria, and 1:10 in New South Wales. In Tasmania, the ratio is 1:10, or 2:25 for children attending a preschool program. In Western Australia, the ratio is 1:10.

  • For children over preschool age, the ratio is 1:15 in the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales. In the Australian Capital Territory, the ratio is 1:11. If no kindergarten children are present, the ratio is 1:10 for the first 12 children, then 1:13.

All of our Educators are carefully selected to ensure that they uphold the values and philosophy of Kids Club. We are constantly investing and mentoring our team to further their education and training through a variety of workshops, in-services, team meetings, practice and theories, reflections and collaborations within the Kids Club family.

You can find further information on our centre Directors by having a look at your closest centre page details!

Kids Club Early Learning Centres firmly believes that collaborative partnerships with families and the broader community play a vital role in children's growth and development. We prioritise establishing meaningful connections with families and honouring their cultural and personal values, expectations, and viewpoints. We also actively engage with the local community to enhance our collective knowledge and skills, ensuring the best learning experiences for our children.

When a child requires additional support services, we prioritise their well-being and work collaboratively with the family to fulfill their specific needs. Our team is committed to advocating for all children and supporting families throughout their child's enrolment.

We recognise that families are an integral part to their child's learning journey and offer them various opportunities to participate and share ideas in their education. Our partnerships are grounded in mutual respect, effective communication, and shared responsibility for the child's development. Our program aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), prioritising children's sense of belonging, being, and becoming. Additionally, we provide exciting extracurricular activities designed to spark children's passion for learning.

We value our families' feedback and offer several avenues for them to provide input on our services, including online surveys, verbal communication with our Directors and Educators, and attending family events throughout the year. We believe that this feedback is crucial to our continuous improvement efforts and enables us to provide the best possible care for our children.

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