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ChildCare Subsidy Calculator

CCS Net Fee Calculator

The Australian Government provides families with financial assistance to help cover the costs of approved child care – the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). It is paid directly to your child care provider to reduce the fees you pay.

The CCS amount paid to your provider depends on your family’s income, the type of child care you use, the age of your child, the hours you and your partner work and other activities that improve your skills.

To make a CCS claim, you can do this through your Centrelink online account with myGov.

CCS is the main way the Government assists families with their child care fees. Some of these are changing from July 10, 2023 – click here to learn more.

How much will my fees be after CCS is applied?

Kids Club has developed a Child Care Subsidy estimator to give you an idea of how much your out of pockets costs are once the CCS has been applied at your nominated Kids Club centre.

Please note that this is an estimate only – fees are subject to change. For final pricing, please confirm with your Centre Director and check your enrolment paperwork.

Just answer some of the quick questions below and our Child Care Subsidy calculator will confirm your estimated out-of-pocket fees at your selected Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centre.

What is included in your fees?

Your fees are all inclusive at Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres. That means exactly what it says: absolutely no hidden costs. Our all-inclusive fees go above and beyond when it comes to placing your child first and providing real value to your family. You can expect things like:

Baby Bottles

In-house chefs preparing fresh, nutritional meals in on-site commerical grade kitchens

Creams & Wipes

Baby Nappies

Baby Formula

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Activities

Sporting & Physical Activities

Language Lessons

Music Lessons

Off-Site Excursions

Special Guests (Incursions)

Sunscreen & Sun Safe Protection

To learn more about what Kids Club Child centres have to offer, watch our handy video below!

Kids Club is here to help you.

We are dedicated to supporting families in managing their responsibilities while providing their children with a nurturing and exceptional learning environment.

If you have any questions regarding Child Care Subsidy and how it can benefit your family, please call/get in touch with our friendly Customer Service team today.

You can also visit these helpful Government links:

Forms for your Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN): www.centrelink.gov.au

Information for your Child Care Subsidy: www.humanservices.gov.au/childcaresubsidy

Child Care Subsidy Frequently Asked Questions

Child Care Subsidy, also known as CCS, is an Australian Government program designed to assist families with the cost of child care. The subsidy aims to make child care more affordable and accessible for parents or guardians who are working, studying, training or participating in other recognised activities.

Applying for CCS is done online, where you will provide information about your household income, including wages, salaries, benefits, and any other sources of income as well as activities of work, study, training, volunteering and other approved activities.

Check your eligibility using the Services Australia website – if you are eligible, follow the steps to your Child Care Subsidy.

Please be aware it can take a few weeks for your CCS claim to be processed, after which you can track your payments on your myGov account.

The CCS Activity test is a process that determines whether a family is eligible to receive financial assistance to help cover the costs of child care. The test typically covers an income and hours of activity assessment which evaluates a family’s income and compares it to a set threshold or criteria established by the Australian Government.

This test calculates whether your income falls within the eligibility range for receiving financial assistance and the amount of CCS hours you will be given. If you meet the criteria, you may qualify for subsidies that can help reduce the out-of-pocket expenses.

To check your eligibility to ensure you meet the following CCS requirements, please refer to Services Australia.

Every family has a different set of circumstances which can impact their eligibility for CCS and the amount they can claim. To see an estimate of how much your daily fee may be with your CCS entitlements in place, complete our Child Care Subsidy Calculator.

For CCS to be applied as a co-contribution to your child care fees at Kids Club, you will have to have applied for CCS and received your approved Child Care Subsidy assessment letter.

Please ensure you provide Kids Club with the claiming parent/ guardians CRN details as well as each child’s CRN details (each child will need their individual CCS claim assessed). Once we have these details, our Customer Support team will then assist you with confirming your child’s enrolment with us.

5% of your eligible CCS is withheld by Centrelink until the end of the financial year.

CCS is also capped at $13.73 an hour for Centre Based Day Care services ($12.02 for school-aged children). This cap sets the maximum hourly rate that the government will subsidise.

The hourly rate is determined by dividing the sessional fee by the session hours. The hourly rate cap of $13.73 per hour ($12.02 for school-aged children) is then applied.

For example:

Riley attends a Centre Based Day Care. They charge $155 per session. To work out the hourly rate, divide the session rate by the number of hours in the session. If the session rate is based on an 11-hour session, this means the hourly fee is $14.09.

Because this is more than the hourly rate cap, their level of subsidy will be applied up to the cap of $13.73.

From July 10, changes to the CCS includes:

  • A higher rate of 90% for families earning $80,000 per year or less (currently 85%)
  • Any earnings over $80,000 will decrease by 1% for each additional $5,000
  • Rates for families earning under $530,000 per year are also increasing
  • Families with more than one child aged five or under and with an income below $356,756 receive a higher rate for their second and third child
  • First Nations children are eligible for at least 36 hours of subsidised care per fortnight

Kids Club is recognised as a registered childcare provider, which means that eligible families are able to claim the Government Child Care Subsidy at our services. Our child care centre Sydney programs include a child-led approach to education, with certified Educators providing a stimulating experience for early years children as part of their learning journey. Read more about education philosophy here.