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Kids Club Corporate Child Care

What is the Kids Club Corporate Childcare Network?

The page is specifically for businesses wishing to contact us in relation to Corporate Child Care. If you are looking to enrol your child or find out more about our Kids Club centres, please view your closest centre by visiting the menu at the top of this page.  

Please be aware of a recent change to our operations where 18 of our centres have transitioned into the ownership of the Affinity Education Group. That means we now have a select number of Corporate Childcare centres remaining in our portfolio. To see which centres will remain in our control, please read the press release for more information.

The Kids Club Corporate Childcare Network (CCN) is a specifically designed program for Kids Club Early Childhood Centres to partner with selective organisations to provide high quality, cost effective, and flexible care options that meet the demands of busy working parents.

Along with our already great offers, we structure tailored corporate daycare packages to meet the needs of our CCN partners’ employees, allowing them to take advantage of additional special pricing and benefits while providing premium facilities for all our families.

For more information on our Corporate Childcare Network partnerships, please contact Marketing via email: marketing@kidsclubchildcare.com.au.

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Partnership Benefits

We work with each provider to determine a customised solution that best suits their employees requirements and the businesses needs. 

The biggest benefit for employers is that they are not only providing great benefits for their staff, but that they are also offering these benefits to a provider that is close to their place of employment, meaning that early drop offs or late pick ups are not a rush out of the door from home, or a frantic rush from the office to collect the child. 

Below is an example of some of the benefits which your business could be eligible for*. To find out what partnering with Kids Club means, contact us on the button below. 

Introductory Offers


Free Weeks Each year

Anytime Drop In

Priority Bookings

Close to Work

We work with the employees from

Why Kids Club?

Kids Club is an Australian owned, premium quality, multi-award winning childhood education and care provider for ages 6 months to 6 years. We have a strong focus on our educational programs, caring educators and premium playscapes

The Today Show on Channel 9 has referred to Kids Club as the “future of childcare”. Kids Club were selected for this feature segment due to the focus on enhancing the educational journey of the child utilising the latest in specialised technologies for both the children and the parents, while set against the backdrop of premium, award-winning learning environments. 

"At the Heart of Everything We Do, We Place the Child First."

Our Kids Club Philosophy, which is at the heart of everything we do, we place the child first. This philosophy is based on the passionate motivation of experienced educators, dedicated support staff and industry expertise that extends over two decades of experience that is committed to providing the best start to your child’s future.

We work closely with families and children to cultivate centre specific programs that cater to their learning needs. This child-led process is designed to enhance the educational experience through focusing on each child’s interests to support a lifelong love for learning.

Kids Club and the National Quality Areas

As an organisation that prides itself on the highest levels of care and education, Kids Club’s focus is to align everything that we do to the ACECQ National Quality Standards (NQS) framework which sets high quality regulations for our industry in governing the provision of care for your child, with the goal of not only meeting, but exceeding the highest levels set out in the framework.

Therefore, our 7 Core Values align directly with the NQS framework and are continually audited by our organisation to maintain a premium level of quality.

Kids Club Fees are All Inclusive!

At Kids Club, your fees are all inclusive, which means that you have no additional costs for your child’s care throughout their day at our services. These all inclusive fees include things such as;

Baby Bottles

In-house chefs preparing fresh, nutritional meals in on-site commerical grade kitchens

Creams & Wipes

Baby Nappies

Baby Formula

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Activities

Sporting & Physical Activities

Language Lessons

Music Lessons

Off-Site Excursions

Special Guests (Incursions)

Sunscreen & Sun Safe Protection

Awards & Recognition

Contact Us About Joining our Corporate Childcare Partner Network

*Please note that the above benefits listed are provided as a guide/example only and no obligation is made by Kids Club to provide these to all members of the Corporate Childcare Network. Each package is tailor made and agreed upon between Kids Club and the business joining the network to form agreements with their staff. Terms and Conditions must be agreed upon, in writing, with each employer before the offer is finalised. Not all of the above may be included in the final offer with each partner. To confirm your agreement, speak with Kids Club today.