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Daycare Checklist For Parents

Finding new care doesn't have to be daunting

When first entering your child into care, it can be daunting, and you may have many questions. That is completely normal as you are going to be leaving your child in someone else’s care. As a parent, you need to feel confident in the centre and team.

Therefore, we have devised a daycare tour checklist guided by ACECQA’s National Quality Standards to help you navigate your way through your tour. We invite you to use this during any centre tour that you go on.

Physically visiting a centre will help a lot in making your decision. At the centre, you can ask all your questions, meet the educators, and experience the overall feel.

At Kids Club, we offer orientations where you can come with your child as much as you like as they get to know their new environment and carers.

Click the image to download the Childcare Checklist.

National Quality Standards under the National Quality Framework

Sending your little one to an early learning centre for the first time conjures many emotions. Among the excitement comes a level of apprehension, particularly if you are soon to leave your child in daycare for the very first time.

You will have many questions – like what will your child do all day and how are they cared for? What do they eat and when? Most of all, how do you keep my child safe?

At Kids Club Early Learning Centres, our goal is not only to meet but exceed the National Quality Standards (NQS) under the National Quality Framework. As educators and parents, we appreciate you want to see for yourself how our early learning centres are run. Yet during the excitement of a tour, you may forget to ask some of your burning questions. We created our daycare tour checklist to help you on a tour, designed to make sure each and every centre you visit meets and even exceeds your needs and expectations of a quality childcare provider.

Educational Programming and Planning

Educational Program and Practice

This area focuses on ensuring the care provider’s educational program and practice is stimulating, engaging and enhances children’s learning and development.

How we approach this at Kids Club:

Through child-led learning and education our warm and friendly educators deliver a stimulating and engaging education program that nurtures life skills.

Kids Club Macquarie Park

Children's Health & Safety

All centres and staff must demonstrate their methods of protecting all children’s health, safety and well-being, which are assessed in this quality area.

How we approach this at Kids Club:

Physical Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing are our top priority. Healthy food and activities are at the centre of physical and mental wellbeing for our little ones.

Kids Club Macquarie Park

Physical Environment

The approved provider must ensure that the premises and equipment used in the care facility are safe, clean and in good repair to provide a rich and diverse range of experiences that promote children’s learning and development.

How we approach this at Kids Club:

Our award winning premium playscapes and learning environments encourage creative and exploratory play, drawing on the natural environment.

Kids Club Macquarie Park

Staffing Arrangements

This area looks at the staff numbers and deployment of suitable qualified, and experienced Educators, coordinators and supervisors and their capability to develop warm, respectful relationships with the children.

How we approach this at Kids Club:

We employ highly experienced educators and provide ongoing opportunities for professional development.

Relationships With Children

Here, the assessor looks at how the provider takes reasonable steps to ensure that the children being educated and cared for are given opportunities to interact and develop respectful and positive relationships with each other and with the staff members.

How we approach this at Kids Club:

We focus on the foundations for building relationships in enhancing confidence and resilience in a space where children feel safe and secure.

Kids Club Gosford

Collaborative Partnerships with Families & Communities 

This area examines how the provider collaborates with families and the community to build critical partnerships that achieve quality outcomes for the children.

How we approach this at Kids Club:

We focus on family engagement and community collaboration by instilling a sense of belonging through community partnerships and family days.

Governance & Leadership

This area looks for effective leadership and management that creates a positive organisational culture by empowering others, recognising and addressing conflict, and managing changes that improve the children’s learning and development.

How we approach this at Kids Club:

Using systems and processes to create a place where staff and children thrive is at the core of effective leadership and continuous improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions  ​

Our centres follow a child-led learning approach, while aligning with and exceeding the National Quality Standards.

At Kids Club, School Readiness doesn’t just start with the Preschool Room, it starts from the moment the children open the door and learn to say, “Good Morning!”, it starts in our Nursery room, continues in the Toddlers Room and flourishes in our Preschool Room.

The School Readiness Program is expanded for our preschoolers in their final year before school to ensure that they are given the maximum opportunities to learn new skills, as well as refine existing abilities, which our Early Years Learning Framework attributes.

Learn More About School Readiness Program

Following the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework), our caregiving Educators create the perfect learning environment for your child’s future. The EYLF focuses on your child developing a sense of belonging, being and becoming through five learning outcomes.

Learn More About ELYF

At Kids Club Early Learning Centres, we believe children learn and develop most effectively through child-led play and social interactions. Our Educators gather and analyse information about each child to ensure they respond to their unique strengths, interests, and knowledge. This enables them to create a rich environment that supports children’s learning and development. By promoting this child-led learning, our Educators help children to become confident and capable learners, setting them on a path towards success and a life-long love for learning.

The top priorities at Kids Club centres are your child’s safety, health and wellbeing, which is why we have various policies and procedures in place. To view our policies and procedures, please click here.

Our indoor environments are designed to provide children with open spaces that foster opportunities for children to be involved in child-led and teacher-initiated learning and experiences. The indoor environments are set up to promote quiet or active learning spaces, solitary play experiences or routines with small to large groups.

This experience extends beyond the walls of our rooms and out into our bespoke playscapes. Our premium, award-winning playscapes are completely unique, developed in-house and purpose-built to provide an environment that encourages early learning, increases engagement and enhances the child’s daily experience within our centres.

Learn More About Your Child’s Learning Environment

Our Educators are at the heart of what makes Kids Club a truly exceptional nurturing environment for your little ones. Our team consists of qualified and experienced Educators who nurture and care for your child and plan, implement, and deliver high-quality programs, establishing a safe and trusting bond with each child.

Ratios are calculated across each centre as a whole. This gives providers the flexibility to respond to ensure Educators are allocated appropriately based on the age and needs of children in the service. The current ratios, as per the ACECQA guidelines, are as follows:

  • For children from birth to 24 months old, the ratio is 1:4 in all states and territories.
  • For children over 24 months and under 36 months old, the ratio is 1:5 in all states and territories except Victoria, where the ratio is 1:4.
  • For children from 36 months up to and including preschool age, the ratio is 1:11 in the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria, and 1:10 in New South Wales and Western Australia. In Tasmania, the ratio is 1:10, or 2:25 for children attending a preschool program.

All of our Educators are carefully selected to ensure that they uphold the values and philosophy of Kids Club. We are constantly investing in and mentoring our team to further their education and training through various workshops, in-services, team meetings, practice and theories, reflections and collaborations within the Kids Club family.

You can find further information on our centre Directors by having a look at your closest centre page.

Kids Club Early Learning Centres firmly believes that collaborative partnerships with families and the broader community play a vital role in children's growth and development. We prioritise establishing meaningful connections with families and honouring their cultural and personal values, expectations, and viewpoints. We also actively engage with the local community to enhance our collective knowledge and skills, ensuring the best learning experiences for our children.

When a child requires additional support services, we prioritise their well-being and work collaboratively with the family to fulfil their specific needs. Our team is committed to advocating for all children and supporting families throughout their child's enrolment.

We recognise that families are integral to their child's learning journey and offer them various opportunities to participate and share ideas in their education. Our partnerships are grounded in mutual respect, effective communication, and shared responsibility for the child's development. Our program aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), prioritising children's sense of belonging, being, and becoming. Additionally, we provide exciting extracurricular activities designed to spark children's passion for learning.

We value our families' feedback and offer several avenues for them to provide input on our services, including online surveys, verbal communication with our Directors and Educators, and attending family events throughout the year. This feedback is crucial to our continuous improvement and enables us to provide the best possible care for our children.

At Kids Club, we follow various strategies to ensure that governance and leadership are met and upheld. They are as follows:

Clear and transparent fee structures: Kids Club has a clear and transparent fee structure that is easily understandable for parents. Our fee structure is also aligned with our philosophy and values and the cost of providing quality childcare. Please see our list of centres via our website to see our fee structure. See more

Comprehensive policies and procedures: Kids Club has a range of policies and procedures that are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they are effective, relevant and compliant with relevant regulations and standards. Please see our list of policies and procedures available at the foyer of each Kids Club service.

End-of-enrolment procedures: When a child leaves the service, Kids Club follows the end-of-enrolment procedures to ensure a smooth and positive transition for the child and their family.

Alignment with service philosophy and values: Kids Club ensures that our governance and leadership align with our service philosophy and values. This involves regular review of our mission statement, vision and values, and all centre policies and procedures.

Effective leadership: Kids Club has strong and effective centre managers, educators, and a support team who can inspire, motivate, support, and have a clear vision for the service's future. This involves regular staff training and development, effective communication and consultation with parents, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Kids Club understands how much parents want to know about their child’s day and ongoing learning journey. We use several mechanisms to communicate with families to keep you in the know and connected with your child, primarily:

Mobile App: Our online platform enables you to access your child’s information at anytime, anywhere. Updates include information on meals, sleep, bottles, nappy changes and what is happening in the room on the day.

Email: You will receive your child’s room learning story via email daily.

Learn More About How We Communicate

Kids Club Early Learning Centres have three rooms – Rainforest (0-2 years), Ocean (2-3 years) and Outback (3-5 years) - all following a flexible routine designed specifically for the age group and in line with the National Quality Framework (NQF) and Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our rooms offer a bespoke schedule of learning experiences and intentional teaching moments that promote literacy, numeracy, creativity, and social skills to suit the age and developmental stage of the children.

Learn More About Room Routines

Kids Club is committed to delivering delectable, nutritious meals that benefit children's growth and development. Menus work on a 4-week rotational basis and are always on display close to the kitchen at each centre for parents to see.

Our qualified in-house Chefs work closely with families and Educators to craft fresh meals that align with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. Children are served a balanced menu encompassing the five essential food groups - grains/cereals, lean meats, dairy, fruit, and vegetables. In addition, we provide them with plenty of water throughout the day. Depending on family arrangements, we offer formula, milk, or breastmilk as per the child's routine.

All meals are prepared by our Chefs in our state-of-the-art, restaurant-grade kitchens. Menus are age-appropriate and designed to fuel positive growth, providing children with the proper nutrients to stay focused throughout the day. They reflect our cultural diversity while respecting all children's preferences, allergies, and intolerances.

Our fees are inclusive of all meals, and we encourage families to inform us of any special diets, food allergies, or cultural requirements their child may have.

Learn More About Childcare Menu

Enrolling at Kids Club is done online, via My Family Lounge (QikKids). If you enrol at Kids Club Gosford, please click here as we are currently using another system.

Once you have created a log in and password, you can submit a booking request, informing us of your preferred days and start date. Given our availability, you will be then sent an offer of enrolment, which you will have to accept and confirm as well as complete your enrolment form. Once your enrolment form has been submitted and reviewed by our Customer Support Team, you will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment email with details of when your child will commence their learning journey at Kids Club as well as notification of your pending admin and bond fees, if applicable.

to prepare your child for daycare is key to their successful transition. We offer orientations to all our new families, where you and your child will get to meet the team, see the room and have an opportunity to discuss your child’s routine with their Educators. This will be organised with your centre Director prior to your little one commencing care with us.

Learn more About Enrolment at Kids Club

At Kids Club, we are committed to providing comprehensive support services for families, catering to the diverse needs of children. Our collaborative approach involves partnering with various support services and allied health professionals such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, and behavioural specialists.

In addition to these allied health services, we prioritise building strong connections with the local community and have established relationships with local dentists. We believe in the importance of early exposure to dental care, fostering confidence in children and creating a sense of safety when utilising these services in the future.

As part of our commitment to children's well-being, Kids Club actively participates in state initiatives like the NSW StEPS (Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening) program. This program ensures that all 4-year-old children receive free vision screening before they start school. By engaging in such initiatives, we aim to contribute to the early identification and intervention of potential vision issues, promoting overall health and development in our young learners.

Yes, you can! We have created our daycare tour checklist for parents to use when visiting any centres to help make it easy when assessing each one. Simply download the checklist and keep it available on your phone as you take a centre tour; you can even print a copy if this is easier for you. Our daycare tour checklist is designed to remind you of the critical components to look out for when visiting a childcare provider and ensure you focus on each one during your tour to be confident of the quality of service on offer.

Download The Parent Tour Checklist

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