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Fiver for a Farmer Day @ Kids Club Early Learning Centres

Kids Club Fiver For a Farmer Day

Because it’s important that children develop a sense of belonging to their community, all Kids Club Early Learning Centres have organised a “Fiver for Farmer’s Day” fundraising.

We truly believe our children are not too young to understand they can make a difference. So, Kids Club Early Learning Centres have jumped on the band wagon to support our farmers who are in urgent need of our help. It’s the Aussie way to support our own!

Families and educators happily participated and a lot of children came dressed up as a farmer or an animal and brought in a donation.

Buy a Bale Kids Elizabeth Street

During our Farmer’s Day, the children learnt about the farm and a little about the drought.

Various farm-related activities were organised for each age group and the children loved it!

At Kids Club Rosebery, our reading time was extended with a dramatic play experience. The children were given animal puppets which were utilised to sing the well-known song “Old MacDonald had a farm”. Babies and toddlers happily acted like the animals making the relevant sounds, promoting our acting skills. We also sang There was A Farmer Had A Dog and the children got very excited and started doing animal movements.

At Kids Club Elizabeth Street, as a part of our farmer day celebration, Miss Shalini encouraged our little ones to participate in a creative activity where we made our own sheep. Our cotton ball sheep craft is a fun farm craft for our little ones. We’ve found that combining cotton balls with a decent amount of glue makes for a very child pleasing activity, and this fuzzy sheep craft is a definite favourite. They really enjoyed this as they got to experience the texture of the cotton balls and the joy of being able to do a large part of the craft “all by themselves”.

Miss Leanne helped the children building a farm with animal figurines and guided them to identify what animals live in the farm. Miss Leanne then explained how the drought made our farm dry and what we can do to help the farmers.

Afterwards some of us continued to do farm puzzles to extend our cognitive skills.

Living like a true farmer in the CBD 😉

The most loved activity today was to milk the Cow! Both Elizabeth and Clarence Street came out with the idea of building the cow and the children happily teamed together and gave a hand or two in the making and in the milking!



Why belonging is important

The need to feel included is part of who we are and is integral to good mental health and well-being. It also helps to improve children’s learning, behaviour and ability to form relationships.

Children who feel included have better mental health and well-being and are happier and more relaxed.

Belonging is one of the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. Kids Club Educators aim to develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities by:

  • promoting a sense of community within the children’s room
  • building connections between the children and the local community
  • providing opportunities for children to investigate ideas, complex concepts and ethical issues that are relevant to their lives and their local communities
  • scaffolding children’s opportunities to participate and contribute to group activities
  • planning opportunities for children to participate in significant ways in group discussions and shared decision-making about rules and expectations and activities

Do you want to help too?

Thank you to all our Kids Club families who have already brought their Fiver. But the drought is not over, and donations are still possible!

You can donate here:


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