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What makes Kids Club the best day care centre in Melbourne

A child’s earliest years are their most formative. In fact, 90% of brain development occurs before the age of 5. These are the crucial years when children are developing key social skills, emotional intelligence and learning skills (in other words learning how to learn).

This, of course, means selecting a childcare centre in the Melbourne area, where there are several options, is no small decision.

In this article, we cover six key considerations you should evaluate when searching for the best childcare in Melbourne.

A Quality, Structured Learning Program

Kids Club offers a comprehensive learning program developed by our qualified team of education experts. This starts with our newborns and as the child grows, they are exposed to our Education for Life School Readiness Program.

It is important to ask questions around a centre’s learning program and how they create intentional learning experiences in their daily routines. This ensures learning is institutionalised and the centre offers more than just child-minding.

Our specialised Education for Life program will expand your child’s learning to develop a range of new experiences. This carefully curated curriculum will help prepare and equip them for full-time schooling when the time comes.

It’s no wonder we’re considered to be one of the best daycare centres across areas Kids Club has been established for many years such as Sydney and Canberra.

Healthy Nutrition & On-site Chef

As a parent you already know feeding a fussy child can be a bit of a mission. But what about when you’re not there to physically watch what they eat? Just the thought for a lot of new parents is enough to keep them up at night.

Mealtime should not be a chore so at Kids Club we make mealtimes fun and colourful. Children are more likely to eat when they see their friends eating or being positively rewarded so we take that into account when it’s time to eat.

Every Kids Club has an on-site chef so parents can be assured that the food we give to children is fresh, healthy and delicious. This also adds an extra level of control for allergies and special dietary requirements.

In addition, Kids Club is proud to have an exclusive partnership with childhood nutrition expert Annabel Karmel, so you can rest assured that the menu will be delicious, nourishing and healthy!

Amazing & Learning Conducive Playscapes

From our very first centre, one philosophy Kids Club has always kept in mind is that ‘the environment is the third teacher’.

Evaluating a centre’s indoor and outdoor spaces is therefore vitally important. Be sure to inspect the play spaces and ask questions around how much much natural light your child will be exposed to. That is why at every Kids Club while we have a large indoor area and an undercover outdoor area for play on rainy days, we also accommodate that our playscapes will ensure that your child gets plenty of natural outdoor light.

Natural light and outdoor play are fundamental to motor-skill development. In fact, recent studies also suggest too much time indoors damages children’s eyes and can lead to short-sightedness.

If you’re yet to be convinced that Kids Club offers the best learning environment Melbourne-wide, wait until you check out the beautiful 1920’s heritage-listed building we call home. Built around a century ago, its period features and charming architecture make it the perfect setting for your child to play, learn and grow.

Every Kids Club centre is different in that we embrace the local surrounds and environments we are part of. With our Melbourne centre specifically, we love the idea of nurturing young lives in such an old building and believe that the experience can teach children to appreciate the value in looking after historical artefacts and buildings.

Experienced and Nurturing Educators

Be sure to ask and speak to the actual carers that will be in the room your child would be in. Even basic, general small talk questions will reveal a lot of their personality, their passion for working with children and their general demeanour.

At Kids Club, we strive to hire only the most caring, dynamic and emotionally intelligent team members. As the centre’s director, Renee, is keen to point out, Kids Club does much more than simply feed and supervise children whilst their parents are at work. Rather, we hire experienced educators who can provide individualised learning experiences and develop high-quality programs to help kids thrive academically and socially.

As Renee explains, “I am dedicated to enhancing the learning experiences of all the kids who spend time at our centre. As well as attending to children’s individual needs, our team will spend time adapting program content in line with their personal learning styles.

“What’s more, we are committed to maintaining strong communication lines with parents. Fostering this kind of openness builds a successful framework that benefits not only the child, but all involved.”

A Convenient Location

As the adage goes “Location! Location! Location!” – as busy parents picking and dropping off kids this rings true.

Our Melbourne-based long daycare centre is within 3 kilometres of a number of outstanding public and private primary schools including Kensington Primary School, Holy Rosary Primary School, and St Michael’s Primary School. This is fantastic for parents who are already considering their child’s schooling options.

The centre is also conveniently situated a mere street away from the City Link, which transports people directly and swiftly to the city centre. We are within walking distance of tram and train stations, including Flemington Bridge, Macaulay and Kensington. This is great news for parents who take public transport.

For those who drive, the centre offers simple pick-up and drop-off points.

Biometric Security

We at Kids Club understand every parent’s concern for their child’s health and safety and their desire for secure long daycare is absolutely warranted. That’s why we have installed biometric security technology to ensure we do not receive any unwelcome visitors to our premises.

Asking questions around a centre’s security features and security protocols are also something we would recommend.

Get in Touch & Be one of The First Foundational Members at Our Kensington Centre.

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Full disclaimer, the considerations here of what defines the best childcare in Melbourne will be subjective. However, after being in the Childcare industry for over 10 years, our Educators have learned a thing or two when it comes to creating a quality curriculum and learning conducive play-scapes.

If you want to learn more, call Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres or book a tour now of your closest Kids Club Early Learning Centre, click here to view your closest Centre.

As the leading provider of early childhood care in Australia we always put your child first. We are committed to 7 National Quality Standards.