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What is an Intentional teaching session? Check out our “Kindness in the Classroom” initiative

Let’s ask Miss Teagan, Assistant Director at Kids Club Symonston-ACT and our Preschool Room Leader (preschool)!


Intentional teaching is a term that is used throughout Early Childhood Education and is viewed by educators as an important and beneficial pedagogical tool when supporting the learning and development of children.  At kids Club Symonston this is just one of the tools that our educators use to provide quality educational outcomes within our play-based curriculum.

Intentional teaching sessions allow our educators to be deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful when considering possible learning outcomes and making planning decisions for the children in our care.

As educators we use teachable moments to scaffold the children’s learning through challenging and worthwhile experiences that reflect each child’s learning journey, says Miss Teagan.


One of the greatest benefits of an Early Learning setting is the time we have to ensure these intentional teaching sessions are meaningful and interactive and are responsive to the identified needs and interests of the children. They can sometimes stretch for days or weeks.


In the Outback room at Kids Club Symonston our educators take a holistic approach to their teaching that looks beyond learning as a cognitive, academic process but instead recognises the interconnectedness between an individual’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Learning about emotions

We use intentional teaching sessions to foster and support each child’s emotional and social development to best prepare them for their transition to formal schooling.

These sessions are flexible and they see the educators use a variety of strategies including modelling, open-ended questioning, explaining and shared thinking and problem solving as the context changes.

They have used these sessions to explore a range of topics including emotions and self-regulation, positive body image and self-identity, positive conflict resolution and understanding and respecting diversity and differences. They have explored these topics through educator supported group discussions, creative drawing experiences, literacy resources and music and movements sessions. Each experience is an extension of learning that reflects the observed thinking and learning of the children.


When planning these experiences the Preschool educators recognise that learning occurs within a social context and that the interactions and the conversations that occur during these experiences provide the children with opportunities to co-construct their learning and engage in shared thinking that models to the children the importance of valuing the input, opinions and understandings of other people.

These topics of learning and the intentional teaching practices have given the educators opportunities to embed ongoing practices into the preschool setting, including red and green choices, where the pre-schoolers have helped create, and have access to a visual guide to support them in their behaviour choices in the room.


Kids Club Symonston


We started the “Kindness in the Classroom” initiative where a Kindness Jar has been created and will be filled by the group with pom poms that represent the kind gestures that the educators observe throughout the day.


Congratulations to Michael who was awarded the kindness in the classroom Pom Pom for our Kindness Jar.
Today Michael saw one of his friends’ mothers struggling to carry all of his friend’s things and offered to help carry his friend’s bag to the door. The educators were all so proud of Michael and his kind gesture.












Ava creating a self portrait. Ava is using a mirror too guide her drawing decisions.

Kids Club Symonston


Jessica capturing Joey s emotions through a tracing experience

Kids Club Symonston


Miss Tegan using an intentional teaching session to teach the group to count to five in Mandarin, the home language of one of their peers.

Kids Club Symonston




Miss Teagan
Kids Club Symonston Assistant Director and Preschool Room Leader

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