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Looking for the Best Childcare in Brisbane?

As any busy Brisbane-based parent knows, picking out suitable long daycare in Brisbane can be a daunting task. In addition to finding somewhere nearby and with a decent reputation, you want to ensure your child enjoys their time at daycare but also receives a quality childhood education. In other words, education not just child-minding.

After all, the early years of life are crucially important when it comes to developing the key social and emotional skills needed in later life.

After all, numerous studies have shown the strong positive effects of a quality childcare program on children’s socio-emotional and motor skills (Journal of Public Economics 2018).

To help you find the best childcare in Brisbane and boost your child’s confidence and developmental skills, we’ve put together a few factors you should look out for when conducting your research.

A Defined & Robust Educational Program

Structured educational and school readiness programs such as that offered by Kids Club will ensure that your child develops a well-rounded set of skills. Our Education for Life program has been developed by a team of highly qualified educators. The program incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework developed by ACECQA as a guide for the key skills in early childhood learning and development.

Our educational program also program exposes early learners to an array of exciting new experiences and teachable moments, that will help them prepare for full-time schooling.

In your search, ask the centre about their education program. How do they structure in teachable moments? By selecting a centre with a comprehensive learning program, you can rest assured that the educators will not simply do the job of a childminder. Instead, they will provide your child with some of the best early learning Brisbane has to offer.

Delicious and Healthy Meal Options

Diet and nutrition have a discernible impact on a child’s learning ability and capacity so no doubt like any parent you’re probably keen to ensure your child has a nutritious diet throughout the day. This will keep your kids energise, open to absorb information and have them feeling less grumpy when you pick them up at the end of the day!

Kids Club recognises not only the importance of mealtimes but also making them fun. This is why we partnered with global children’s food expert Annabel Karmel to develop an fun nutritional menu exclusive throughout our centres.

The Kids Club menu is also created taking every child’s dietary needs into account and providing bespoke meals when necessary. Additionally, special controls are in place for allergies and specific dietary requirements.

With up to 67% of your child’s daily nutritional intake occurring whilst they are in long daycare, it’s important to be across their menus. A good tip is to ask for a typical sample menu the centre can share with you for you to evaluate.

A Variety of Activities to Suit All Interests and Personalities

Every child has their own individual desires, talents, and personality traits. Even at a very young age, kids start to carve out their niche in the world and are keen to pursue hobbies that speak to their preferences. In this way, it is important that you seek a childcare centre that offers a range of activities to support your child’s growing interests.

Kids Club, for example, allows children to take on extra activities outside of the core educational program. These include music lessons, language classes, and a range of sporting activities. What’s more, parents can enrol their kids in these classes at no extra cost. Who knows, your child could discover a new passion that they will soon start to excel at!

Be sure to, therefore enquire about whether a centre has any extracurricular activities and incursions on offer.

Kids Club Outdoor playscapesWelcoming and Intriguing Playscapes

On top of a stimulating and enjoyable educational program, you should look out for an environment that seems welcoming and conducive to learning. Your child is only going to experience these years of their life once. Finding a centre that allows your child to imagine, play, develop and grow is crucial.

Kids Club, for example, offers playscapes that feed children’s imaginations with bright colours, detailed décor, unique and custom-built toys and equipment. Safety is also a top priority, with any pieces of equipment or furniture thoroughly assessed for potential risks.

Look out for playscapes when touring a centre and be sure to ask questions around what areas your child will have access to during a typical day.

A Team of Dedicated Educators & Professionals on Hand to Help Your Child

Remember that your child will be spending a considerable amount of time at the child care centre that you choose, so it is important that they can trust and learn from the people looking after them.

To ensure that you select the right team for your child, look for signs that they care about young people. This could simply include their ability to show warmth towards children and their willingness to listen to your needs as a parent. If you have the time, it may also be worth checking out the qualifications and credentials of the staff at the daycare centre.

Look for a centre like Kids Club, that is committed to hiring staff with experience and passion when it comes to working with children. Ask the educators questions about what they like about their job as well – as what they don’t like – to truly understand the people looking after your little one.

Good Location and Transport Links

The “location, location, location” definitely rings true when it comes to finding a childcare centre.

Try searching for daycare in Brisbane that is convenient to get to to-and-from home or work. If you plan on travelling by public transport, this will mean finding somewhere with good transport links. Whilst you may want to send your child to somewhere a little further afield, you may start to regret your decision when you have to factor travel time into your hectic daily schedule.

All Kids Club centres in Brisbane are conveniently located, near public transport links and have onsite parking for parents.

Just Enough Structure and Routine

Whilst learning through play and free time are extremely important to the development of children. So is routine and expectations. Children actually thrive on a routine, as it helps them to feel grounded and support them in mitigating feelings of stress or uncertainty. When dealing with change or separation anxiety a routine can support a child through these times.

With that said, finding childcare that has a good balance between structured learning times and daily room routines is suggested.

At Kids Club for example, we generally have a set time period when meals are served, meaning the children are aware and know what is expected of them around these times of the day. This does also help to support the older children as they begin to transition into Primary School.

If you’re interested in discovering the best childcare Brisbane has to offer, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Kids Club team to find out more.

Get in touch today about touring one of the childcare centres in Brisbane to experience the very best early childhood education Brisbane has to offer, get in touch with us today. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to speak with you.

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Full disclaimer, the considerations here of what defines the best childcare in Brisbane will be subjective. However, after being in the Childcare industry for over 10 years, our Educators have learned a thing or two when it comes to creating a quality curriculum and learning conducive playscapes.

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