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What Are The Long Term Benefits of Early Childhood Education in Preschool

For many parents, a preschool or an early childhood centre is essential in order to be able to go back to work and continue their careers. But pre-school isn’t just a handy way to help parents logistically, it’s also extremely beneficial for early childhood development.

There are many beneficial learning environments in early childhood such as group play and one on one parent-child time. But what exactly is it about an early childhood centre that makes it particularly useful for early childhood development?


Cognitive and social development     

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial for their development. This is where all of the basic foundations are set for their future developments in thinking, behaving and emotional well-being. Learning environments in early childhood centres allow for play-based learning which encourages language and emotional skills as well as the development of creativity and imagination.

Although it may look like child’s play (literally), the staff at an early childhood centre know exactly the type of learning that is crucial to your child’s development. Every game and toy is designed to help them grow and learn without even realising it.





Intentional TeachingImproved social interaction

Immersing your child in group learning environments in early childhood enables them to develop the emotional maturity required to build strong relationships. It teaches them to interact with children and adults from all kinds of backgrounds and equips them with the social skills required to make friends and build appropriate relationships with educators. 

These kinds of skills are crucial not only for the rest of their formative educational years but later in adult life too. Setting these foundations early will help your child to make healthy emotional choices and foster positive relationships throughout their life.





Improved academic performanceBest Early Childhood Educator

Research from the Australian Early Development Census suggests that children who are exposed to at least one year of early childhood education are more likely to perform well in primary school. By boosting their cognitive development early, they are likely to reach higher levels of literacy and numeracy later in their education. 

This doesn’t just mean that they find their year 3 maths homework easier to do. The research suggests that children exposed to early childhood education are more likely to finish their Higher School Certificate (HSC) and more likely to attend higher education.



Preschool is so much more than a place for children to play during the day. It offers countless social, cognitive, academic, emotional and health benefits that could aid them throughout their childhood and well into their adult life.



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