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Unveiling Enchanting Kids Club Excursions

Where Adventure Meets Education

December 21, 2023

Article Written By:
Jessica Kingi
Marketing Executive
Former Early Childhood Educator and a mum to 2 beautiful and very active boys. Joining Kids Club 2 years ago, starting as one of our Senior Service Administrators, Jessica now supports all of our centres as the Marketing Executive of Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres.

Miss Jessica

At Kids Club, we take pride in offering our children enriching experiences that foster their learning and development, aligned with their interests and well-being.   

Our commitment to their early education involves continually enhancing and reviewing our programming and curriculum to ensure learning opportunities are broad while relatable to the children in our care.  

Putting children in different environments piques their curiosity and encourages them to ask questions about the world around them. For us, one of the most effective ways to engage children in broader critical thinking is through enriched extra-curricular activities.  

Our Commitment to Children

Our education philosophy revolves around putting children first. We believe that all aspects of our program should prioritise their well-being and development as we provide learning through play activities within an award-winning early childhood setting.   

With 90% of a child’s brain development occurring in their first five years, early childhood education providers like Kids Club are ideal for stimulating learning experiences. Yet these experiences needn’t be restricted to the confines of a childcare centre.  

All aspects of our program follow a curriculum ensuring children learn basic age-based academic, physical and cognitive skills. Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the learning process at Kids Club, with excursions allowing the children to explore and benefit from experiences within the rich world beyond their classroom walls.  

The Power of Excursions: How We Plan Our Adventures

In line with our National Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework, children’s learning is recognised as dynamic, complex, and holistic. This perspective means that various aspects of learning, from cognitive and linguistic to physical and social, are intricately interwoven and interrelated.   

A blended objective of ‘educational and recreational’, excursions serve as an exciting tool for children to develop a sense of belonging, providing diverse and engaging experiences that instil a lifelong love for learning and curiosity.  

Our experienced and passionate Educators work with the local community to seek out relevant opportunities for excursions that support a child’s development and learning. This approach allows children to build connections and expand their understanding of the world around them in a relatable way without the need to stray too far. 

Executing Our Excursions with Care

Careful planning is essential for the safety and success of our excursions.   

We meticulously consider children’s ages, physical capabilities, developmental stages, routes, weather, supervision, and more before selecting a venue for children’s activities. Beforehand, the team conducts thorough risk assessments to ensure all children’s safety, health, and well-being. Despite the complexity of these assessments, we remain dedicated to providing children with meaningful learning experiences.  

Our CBD-based centres, such as Kids Club Collins St in Victoria and Kids Club Clarence St and Elizabeth St in Sydney, are positioned in prime areas, which enables us to offer diverse excursion opportunities within the local area.  

For example, at Kids Club Clarence St, centre Director Jamie Fang has recently organised excursions to the local café, Wynyard Park, Observatory Hill Lookout and the post office. Jamie’s planning and passion for enriching children’s experiences are evident in each excursion she arranges, taking care to plan her adventures, exemplifying our commitment to safety during off-site learning.   

Kids Club Excursions - Clarence St
Kids Club Excursions - Clarence St
Kids Club Excursions - Clarence St

What’s more, with excursions forming part of our learning program, there is no additional cost to parents when their children participate in activities outside a Kids Club childcare centre. 

Collaborating with the Local Community: Building Community Partnerships

Our excursions are an extension of children’s learning, aiming to connect them with the world through experiences like visiting areas in their local neighbourhoods, or involving them in community initiatives like Acts of Kindness days, aged care community visits, cultural experiences, and environmental education. Some of our recent excursions have included:  

  • Kids Club Oakdowns‘ community outreach on ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day.’ 
  • Kids Club Montessori Highfields‘ ‘Adopt a Granny’ event at Carinity Brownesholme. 
  • Kids Club Collins St’s partnering with local organisations, exploring Fitzroy Gardens, attending the Royal Garden and Flower Show to learn about sunflowers, a picnic at their local park with a stop at the shops on the way, a visit to The Lume – Connection, immersing children in the world of Aboriginal art and culture, and an exciting visit to their buildings recycling room to educate the children about waste management.  
Kids Club Excursions - Collins St
Kids Club Excursions - Collins St
Kids Club Excursions - Collins St
Kids Club Excursions - Collins St
  • Kids Club Elizabeth St connecting with the local Aboriginal community to support handmade pieces by purchasing them at the local mini markets. 
Kids Club Excursions - Elizabeth St
Kids Club Excursions - Elizabeth St

These excursions empower children to make independent choices and develop decision-making skills, fostering engaging and enjoyable learning experiences.  

We actively collaborate with local community resources and organisations, enhancing learning opportunities and contributing to children’s growth.  

Exciting Future Excursion Adventures

With our Kids Club centres strategically located in prime areas, we are well placed to continue offering enriching excursion experiences to all our preschool-aged children. As we explore and develop new partnerships within the local community, the children’s learning opportunities will continue to flourish and become more enriching still, expanding and developing their curious minds.  

In conclusion, Kids Club is committed to providing enriching experiences through different learning environments in early childhood. Via carefully planned excursions, children step outside their classrooms, expanding their horizons and developing lifelong skills. Our passionate team ensures that every outing is a safe and enriching adventure, fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.  

As we embrace the Kids Club philosophy, we look forward to more exciting adventures and partnerships with the community, supporting children’s growth and development. Together, we nurture the curious minds of tomorrow’s leaders.  

To learn more about Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres or to book in a tour now to view your closest Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centre, please feel free to get in touch.