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The Benefits & Key Activities Involved in a Great School Readiness Program

If you’re in the business of raising small children, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about school readiness programs in childcare. But what does this actually mean? What are school readiness activities for preschoolers and how does it benefit your child?

What is a school readiness program?

A school readiness program in childcare basically does what it says on the tin. It helps your child to develop the skills they need in order to thrive in a school environment. A school readiness program will cover these 3 overall elements:

  1. Academic skills, including literacy & numeracy
  2. Social skills and communication abilities
  3. Emotional skills, confidence & independence

But school readiness isn’t just about academics. Whilst it does in part focus on literacy skills such as reading, writing, listening, communicating and using digital technologies, it also covers their social skills and emotional well-being too.

A comprehensive school readiness program will, therefore, help build their sense of self and prepare them for the social transition into ‘big school’.

What are school readiness activities for preschoolers?

School readiness activities will vary from centre to centre, but at Kids Club, we believe in taking care of your child’s mind and body first and foremost. We focus on building a healthy life with tailored fitness and mindfulness programs including soccer, yoga and dance classes to build their motor skills, self-help skills and teach them about healthy eating and nutrition.

Other activities focus on building academic skills through play-learning. This includes literacy, numeracy, language, colour and shape recognition. We also focus on creative and thinking skills which are developed through activities like drawing, dancing singing or acting. This teaches children to express themselves and begin to think independently.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to school readiness activities. It doesn’t include chanting math time-tables but rather involves developing softer skills that will allow them to thrive in a school environment both academically and socially.

Getting your child prepared and ready both physically & emotionally for ‘big school’ is the main objective. We incorporate different learning materials to support your child’s “readiness”. Here is a really helpful resource from Education NSW on ‘Getting Ready for Primary School’ which we provide to families with pre-school aged children.

What are the benefits of a school readiness program?

The benefits of a school readiness program really are invaluable. It builds a solid foundation for later learning which will help your child to thrive academically. But beyond that, it develops confidence, independence skills and the emotional stability children need through the promotion of healthy behaviour. Read more here about the long term benefits of early learning.

It teaches children to respect themselves as well as those around them and encourages them to socialise with their peers and adults. It helps set the foundations that will allow your child to make friends and build positive relationships throughout their school years and into adulthood.

A school readiness program allows children to build on the skills they need to identify and communicate their feelings in a positive and productive way, which will become invaluable throughout their life.

All of these skills are essential not only to thrive in a school environment but are also key to building a healthy and happy life. What more could you want for your children?

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