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The Real Cost of Child care in Sydney CBD

The Real Cost of Child care in Sydney CBD

Depending on the suburb you are looking for care in, the cost of child care in Sydney can vary significantly. Along with the cost, quality of care also varies and unfortunately there isn’t always a correlation with higher fees equating to a higher quality of care.

Invariably, what also arises is a misconception in the child care industry that quality care comes with a premium price tag.

This article will expand on this misconception below, as well as discuss other additional costs that not all parents consider when evaluating prices. Over the course of a year, or a few years, these additional costs can add up considerably and affecting the real price paid for care.

A higher cost of child care doesn’t always equate to better care and programs

Child care costs set by centres are by and large unregulated. This behoves parents even more so to, therefore, investigate the level of care a centre is offering and how it is different to other centres nearby.

Kids Club Childcare offers high-quality child care and our prices are dictated by the level of care and facilities provided to parents and their children. For instance, our centres feature architecturally designed light-maximising spaces and on-site commercial chefs.

However, many child care operators tier price purely based on local demand. We, therefore, recommend parents visit at least 2-3 child care providers in the area they are looking for to ensure they find the right fit for their child.

For this reason we offer parents a free child care checklist irrespective of whether they are considering a Kids Club Centre or not. Looking for the right centre can be daunting and this free checklist can help you tick off all the things to look out for and ask when evaluating a centre.

We’re proud to say we’ve helped hundreds of parents with this checklist to find care either at Kids Club or a centre best suited to their requirements.

What does ‘higher quality care’ mean?

What does determine a higher quality of care is the learning philosophy the centre employs. There is a very big difference between child development programs and child minding.

We discussed this in more detail in our 6 considerations when looking for the best child care centre article recently where we mentioned a learning philosophy goes beyond what is set out in national regulations.

A learning philosophy is a strategy and approach a centre employs to creating a learning friendly environment.

At Kids Club, we’ve created the Education for Life program which is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. The program is uniquely designed with a focus on the five learning outcomes for children aged 0-5. Read more in the post here.

Then there’s commitment to other factors which should be clearly communicated by a prospective child care operator. At Kids Club it’s a commitment to (4) key principles in every centre we operate:

  1. Child-Led Learning: The idea children learn through play and when learning is tailored to their strengths and personality.
  2. Experienced Educators: Experienced, nurturing carers who all understand and execute our Education for Life program
  3. Healthy Nutrition: Nutritional programs, menus and encouraging kids to eat as a social exercise. We also have professional chefs and onsite commercial kitchens.
  4. Stimulating Environments: We feature the most beautiful play spaces conducive to learning. Our Clarence Street Centre just won The Master Builders Association Award for Excellence in Construction Interior Fit-outs!

                                                                                                        All our centres feature commercial onsite kitchens and trained commercial Chefs

See more on our ‘Why Us’ video on our homepage.

The question we encourage parents to ask is: what areas does the centre focus on for early childhood development and what learning programs are in place?

Child care Inclusions/Exclusions Costs

                                                                                                                       Exclusion costs can add up big time over the course of a year

In addition to the obvious child care fees, there are other not so obvious costs to consider as well.

The first one is fee inclusions/exclusions. Be sure to ask whether things like nappies, wipes and are included in your fees as this can add up significantly over the course of a year.

Whilst you’re considering additional child care centre costs, also ask about late fees. As much as you feel ‘it won’t ever happen to me’ (and hopefully it doesn’t) things can always come up.

If your particular life circumstances are quite varied e.g. irregular working days and hours at work or foreseeable family holidays, be sure to speak to your prospective child care centre about fees and conditions here also.

We believe in no surprises when it comes to the cost of child care but be sure to ask if your personal situations are particularly varied.

Travel & Parking Costs

Consider any additional travel expenses, especially in Sydney metro. If for instance you normally catch the train and now have that added short trip to child care via car, this adds not only cost but precious time as well.

Finally, if you are looking for care in the Sydney CBD then parking will be no picnic! Be sure to find out if there is on-site parent parking or paid street parking which will add real cost (and time) to the cost of child care.

So what does Kids Club charge parents for quality Six-star child care?

Good question! Kids Club Child Childcare are proud to be able to offer quality care in the Sydney CBD at rates below area averages.

Here is a breakdown of costs for each of our Long Day Centres:

 260 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills
(1 mins from Central station and on-site parking)
0-2 Years
2-3 Years
3-5 Years
 83 Clarence St, Sydney
(5 mins from Wynyard station and on-site parking)
0-2 Years
2-3 Years
3-5 Years

Note inclusions in our fees do include: nappies, wipes, meals, program, events, portfolios, extracurricular programs, parent info sessions from industry experts e.g. first aid night.

This includes all of a child’s meals, freshly prepared in our onsite commercial kitchens to each child’s unique dietary requirements.

It is important to note these fees are before CCS is taken into effect as well and your household income situation will affect what you end up paying.