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– Long day child care centre Clarence Street
– Three specifically designed rooms to cater for the appropriate age groups
– A large outdoor play spaces & natural open plan interior
Master Builders Association 2016 Award
Exceeding National Quality Standards Centre


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Ground Floor, 83 Clarence Street,

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7:30am – 6:30pm
Monday to Friday

Clarence Street

Early Childhood Development Sydney

Child Care Centre Clarence Street

Childcare Sydney CBD
83 Clarence Street, Sydney


Kids Club Clarence Street is conveniently located at the north end of Sydney’s CBD, a short 5 minute walk from Wynyard Train Station, with the convenience of 15 minutes of underground parking to make pick up and drop off easier. Our central location makes it easily accessible whether you travel on Sydney’s public transport network or by car.

At Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality education and care to your child. We do this through our play-based  Education for Life Program which has been created to extend on the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), Australia’s national curriculum framework for early childhood education.

When you visit Kids Club Clarence Street, you will be introduced to our caring educators and will experience our Education for Life Program across our three age groups:

  • Our Rainforest Room implements our Education for Life 0-2 years Program. Qualified educators focus on care moments and nurturing your child’s learning and development. Using consistent educators we aim to establish secure and trusting relationships with you and your child.
  • ClarenceSt_Childcare_Map_v2The Ocean Room provides toddlers with the opportunity to move between their indoor and outdoor learning environments. Using our Education for Life 2-3 Program, your child will experience a range of learning opportunities.
  • In the Outback Room preschoolers follow their interests to create their own learning. The Education for Life 3-5 year Program focuses on facilitating your child’s love of learning with educators providing opportunities to test ideas and explore concepts.

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Centre Director

Shelli Hanson

Shelli HansonShelli Hanson has been in the early childhood field for over 22 years and holds a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood. To say Shelli is an asset to Kids Club is an understatement. Shelli’s passion for helping shape a child’s future is inspiring and is matched only by her knowledge in the field of early childhood development. Shelli works closely with the Kids Club Centre Directors to ensure the best practice and education is being delivered to exceed the National Quality Standards.


When you walk into the Rainforest Room you will see a calm and caring home-like environment with a variety of carefully planned learning areas that reflect your child’s interests and skills. Educators will be engaged in your child’s play, supporting their interactions and emerging play skills.

The features within the Rainforest Room include:

  • A purpose built outdoor environment with equipment that allows your child an opportunity to practice their emerging physical skills
  • A tummy time area where babies are able to learn to crawl, roll, and interact with resources that stimulate the senses
  • Quiet spaces where your child can relax, explore books, and complete puzzles
  • Creative art spaces so your child can explore different materials and engage their senses

Each learning environment has been specifically designed to meet the individual and developmental needs of children aged 0-2 years. Your child will move across the spaces throughout the day in small groups with their caring educators, ensuring that they experience each component of the Education for Life Program.

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In the Ocean Room we have created a welcoming and inspiring environment that provides your child with the opportunity to explore, investigate and influence their own experiences and learning. Our qualified educators engage your child in small group experiences to support social interactions and emerging play skills.

The features in the Ocean Room include:

  • Thoughtfully planned indoor environments and play spaces that encourage social interaction, developing independence, and fosters language acquisition and practice.
  • Challenging outdoor play space that supports your child’s desire to run, jump, explore their environment and test their body’s skills and abilities.
  • A designated dinning space, to build connections with your child, educators and peers
  • An outdoor visual and creative arts studio for your child to explore materials

Your child will move across each environment in small groups with their educator. This gives your child an opportunity for exploration and learning across the Education for Life Program.

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The Outback Room aims to increase your child’s independence through self-directed learning. Each day, educators facilitate learning meetings with your child, to discuss their plan for play. In the afternoon educators will revisit your child’s play to discuss what worked well, and what they would like to learn more about.

The features of the Outback room include:

  • A multi-purpose dining room, where your child will enjoy mealtimes and learning meetings
  • An outdoor environment with custom built equipment to promote your child’s imagination and physical exploration
  • An outdoor creative arts studio filled with a variety of resources to spark their interests in the creative arts

Children in the Outback Room alternate times throughout the day in each of the learning environment in small groups. This gives your child the opportunity and time to engage in more sophisticated play and learning needed for formal schooling.

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Our Education for Life Program takes a holistic approach to your child’s learning and development and provides play based learning opportunities under the headings of:

  • Physically Fit
  • Bubbling Brains
  • Social Development
  • Learning Language
  • All of the Arts
  • Expressing Emotions
  • Nice Numbers.

Play is a means for exploration of the world for a child. Children use play to make meaning and connections. A play based learning approach means that your child will learn and develop an array of skills at their own pace and through their own interests. At Kids Club Early Learning Centre, we believe that children learn and develop most effectively through their play and social interactions. Therefore, our programming is based off play based learning and interest based learning.


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3-5 Years


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