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Yoga for Kids

Picture of Sharon Toh

Sharon Toh

Early Childhood Teacher @ Kensington

Here at Kids Club, we make sure to practice yoga regularly in our room as it enhances children’s body awareness and their sense of mindfulness. To enhance this, we have since refreshed the cards in 2022 with new poses!

I hope that you find this set of yoga cards useful for your teaching and learning.

What you will need: 

  • Just yourself!


    1. Try out these Standing Poses!
      • Upward salute post
      • Mountain pose
      • Extended mountain pose
      • Crescent moon post
      • Chair pose
      • Warrior I pose
      • Warrior II pose
      • Triangle pose
      • Star pose
      • Modified goddess pose
    2. Try these Floor Poses!
      • Downward facing dog
      • Frog pose
      • Flower pose
      • Boat pose
      • Camel pose
      • Child pose
      • Resting pose

Final Words

We hope you have enjoyed a nice relaxing yoga session, brought to you by children from Outback Kensington 2021/2022.

This set of yoga flash cards was first developed in October 2021 during Covid-19 lockdown period. During the lockdown, we had organised regular zoom sessions to support the children who were unable to attend kinder due the restrictions. This set of yoga cards was used in one of those online learning sessions.


What next?

This activity can be used in a group setting with a class of children or one on one.