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At Kids Club we understand and embrace the fact that 83% of any one person’s learning is within the first five years of their life. Chief executive officer Corie Stone has worked alongside with a handpicked team of key professionals to ensure that Kids Club offers the best education and care facility available.

Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres have been established to ensure that all children and families receive the best quality care and education. We do this through our carefully selected professionals and our ever-changing philosophy. 


Corie Stone

CEO & Founder

Corie Stone is a highly experienced and driven professional with over 17 years of experience in the childcare industry. As an entrepreneur, along with his wife, Sally, Corie is the CEO and founder of Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres. 

With his unique vision and keen understanding of the ever-evolving environment of child care, Corie has developed dynamic centres that offer beautiful decor and state-of-the-art resources that engage children and stimulate learning.

Having served as a member of several industry bodies, Corie has demonstrated his commitment to developing the industry and helping create best practices. 

Corie’s passion for building safe, nurturing, and engaging environments for children is evident in his hands-on approach, often found “on the tools” helping to physically build the centres. 


Sally Stone

Director & Founder

Sally Stone is an experienced professional in the Early Childhood Education industry. She is one of Kids Club founders and a serving director of Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres, where she oversees day to day operations of the entire business and coordinates activities across multiple business units. 

Her own experiences as a mother fuels her passion for providing amazing experiences for families and children and she uses her skills to help bring to life our engaging learning environments, combining both her creative flair and passion for interior design. 

With her commitment to high-quality education and care, Sally plays an integral role in the growth and development of Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres, providing exceptional service and fun-filled events for parents and children alike.


Ian Fionda

Chief Financial Officer

Ian Fionda is the Chief Financial Officer at Kids Club, where he brings a wealth of experience in corporate finance, financial modelling, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and valuation. 

With over 20 years of experience in financial services, Ian has worked in top-tier firms such as PwC, EY, and Barclays Investment Bank, where he was responsible for managing complex financial transactions across different industries. He has also earned endorsements from his colleagues and industry experts for his expertise in corporate finance. 

Ian’s skill set and experience make him an invaluable asset to Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres’ financial operations and strategic planning where he provides financial leadership and support for the continued growth of its premium quality early education services.


James Horton

Chief Marketing Officer

James Horton has over 15 years of experience working in various industries and has a proven track record of driving business growth and improving operational efficiency.

He holds a Master of Marketing from Monash University and Bachelor in Visual Arts and Design from ACU.

With a passion for developing creative marketing campaigns, James works closely with the team to create bespoke messaging for our customer audiences. He is also responsible for leading our Sales and Customer Service Team with a goal to deliver customer success, which he has developed through the implementation of a customised Salesforce workflow solution.

James is a results-driven professional with strong communication skills and a strong ability to lead cross-functional teams to achieve business objectives.


Lauren Whitehead

National Operations Manager

Lauren Whitehead is a passionate professional who discovered her love for the early childhood education sector early in her career. 

With over a decade of experience, she has made a significant impact on the industry by developing exceeding centres that offer quality learning environments for children. As an Area Manager, she is a leader of leaders, having worked directly with children in roles such as Educational Leadership and Centre Management. 

Lauren is dedicated to ensuring that services are of the highest quality, with play-based curricula that engage children through their interests, empowering them to learn without limits. Her ambition is to create a community of lifelong learners, instilling a love of learning and an ongoing quest for knowledge in children, creating citizens of our community who will thrive in their future endeavours.


Justin Peebles

Project Manager

Justin Peebles is responsible for overseeing the development of our new early learning centres and the maintenance of our existing centres. He also oversees our in-house development team which build all of our amazing bespoke features in our playscapes.

He is an experienced Construction Manager and a Licensed Builder. Justin has a focused passion on the Early Childhood Sector, managing and constructing upgrades of property and facilities across all of our centres to bring our centres to life.

Since joining us, Justin has brought a wealth of experience to the Kids Club Team, working with various landscaping partners to help create multi-award winning playscapes that foster a love of learning through their unique and engaging layouts. 


Kristy Simpson

NSW Area Manager

With over ten years’ experience working with children of all ages, Kristy Simpson has extensive industry knowledge alongside a Bachelor degree of Education (Early Childhood), an Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management and an a NESA trained and approved supervisor. She understands the importance of early childhood education and ensuring our children are exposed to countless opportunities, giving them an advantage early on in their education.

Kristy has worked closely with educators and services to provide learning environments, intentional teaching and quality curriculums. She strives to support educators within their roles, extending on their knowledge and passion.


Paula Wright

QLD Area Manager

Paula Wright has over 15 years’ experience in education and an Advanced Diploma in Child Care. During this time she has seen many exciting changes in the industry and has enjoyed learning and developing her skills while working with children and families.

For Paula, the best part of working in this profession is watching the children reach their developmental milestones while developing a love of learning. She believes that by building strong relationships with the children and their families we will create a safe and happy environment in which the children will thrive in.


Deyana Lloyd

Toowoomba Area Manager

Deyana Lloyd is an experienced Area Manager. At Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres, Deyana oversees the operations of our centres in the Toowoomba Region.

With over a decade of experience in early childhood education, Deyana is responsible for overseeing the operations of multiple centres, ensuring they comply with regulations and maintain high standards of care and education.

Deyana is dedicated to creating inclusive learning environments that foster a love of learning in children.

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