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Childcare Menu for Kids

Kids Club World-Class, In-house Chefs

Kids Club only selects the best when it comes to finding the highest quality team members, and our Chefs are no exception! All our Chefs are hand selected and come with years of experience, such as having worked in world-class, 5-star hotels, being fully qualified nutritionists, published recipe wizards and even award winning culinary experts! 

As part of Kids Clubs commitment in supporting ACECQA’s Quality Areas, healthy eating is a core foundation of what Kids Club aims to deliver to all children in our care. We reflect this deep dedication in our carefully-crafted childcare centre menus that we formulate with the help of parents and research-based information. 

“Consistent dialogue with both the parents & children to ensure that our families have regular input to our menu as well as making all recipes available to our families to cook at home if they choose” 

Chef Justin, Kids Club Collins St


Working closely with our families and educators, our Chef’s prepare freshly made meals that are not only designed to yummy but be of huge nutritional benefit too! That means our Chefs customise each menu to fuel children for learning, play, and physical development throughout their day.  

In each Kids Club there is a fully equipped on-site kitchen, where our dedicated team of Chefs, work to bring their own flare to the meals each day for our children and ensure that they work to introduce children to a wide array of tastes and cuisines.


Catering For Varying Palates

Our childcare food menu enables children to experience everything from timeless favourites to yummy hidden veggie dishes and recipes that take a cue from a world of flavours.

Each day, children are treated to a selection of 5 freshly prepared meals across all our centres. In each service, our Centre Director’s, and our qualified chefs, understand how important it is for each child to remain fuelled with the right foods. It is also during this age that children’s taste palates and eating habits are forming and changing. During this age it is incredibly important to introduce a wide variety of foods at the early stages of a child’s development. That is why in all our services, our Chefs, work to build a wide variety of menu options that are nourishing, while helping contribute to long-term positive eating habits.  

Our weekly menus are displayed in the service and are seasonally rotated to accommodate varying times of the year and a wide selection of foods. When preparing our menus, we encourage family input for different recipes and cultural meals to be experienced in each child’s day-to-day setting.

“Getting young children to eat, let alone eat nutritiously, is a challenge every parent knows too well. We want to make mealtime more of a novel event for children.” 

Corie Stone, CEO, Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres. 

Tofu Sausage Rolls

Tofu Sausage Rolls


Sweet Calzone

Spinach and Mushroom Pasta

Spinach and Mushroom Pasta

All meals at Kids Club Childcare centres are freshly prepared on-site using high-quality ingredients and following expert recipes and a 4-week rotational daycare menu. Meals are tasty, nutritious and freshly-prepared by our qualified chefs in order to meet the daily dietary requirements of all attending children.

Weekly menus are displayed outside the kitchen. We welcome your input for different recipes or cultural meals. As much as possible, we attempt to cater to individual likes and dislikes, whilst incorporating multicultural tastes and diets.

Specific Dietary Requirements

Access to an in-house Chef, and fully commercial kitchen, means that we can cater to each child’s needs without the worry of externally prepared meals. If you child has specific dietary requirements, whether that be for specific diets, food allergies, or cultural reasons, please discuss these with your centre director during your tour. Your Centre Director will work with the centres in-house chef to ensure that the child’s specific needs are catered for and that this is done on-site, so that you do not have to worry about a thing when it comes to your child’s dietary needs.   

Investing in Early Childhood Nutrition

Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres aligns its programming and planning with ACECQAs National Quality Standard. A core focus of this is the Children’s Health & Safety. Our nutritional focus for each child is an underpinning of this core value across our business, so investing in this area is a key focus for Kids Club. From partnering to world class chefs, to maintaining quality, in-house chefs with access to commercial grade kitchens is just another way that Kids Club sticks it to its philosophy of placing the child at the heart of everything that we do.  

Cooking at Kids Club

Kids Club Commercial Grade Kitchens

Nutrition at Kids Club

Kids Club In-House Chefs

Great food, happy children

Kids Club Premium Dining Areas

Ensuring that we have fully qualified chefs is a benchmark that sets us apart in our Australian centres and has been an important step for our business in ensuring that we can deliver the best in class for your child when it comes to their mealtimes in their childcare setting.  

“From the opening of our very first centre we’ve strived to offer the best start to a child’s future from having the most creative play spaces to giving parents the peace of mind their little ones were receiving the best nutrition.” 

Corie Stone, CEO, Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres. 

The early years of a child’s development is a time when food habits are being developed. As parents, educators, and carers, we believe it’s our responsibility to guide our children toward positive eating habits that they can carry with them well into their adult life. Food should not only be nutritious but also meet the social, cultural, and educational needs of children.