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Things I Can and Cannot Control Poster

During times of uncertainty, it is important for children to be mindful of their surroundings and their emotions. This poster can teach children how to identify whether something is within their control or not, and highlights behaviours and actions that they should focus on instead.

Some of the things that we cannot control are the current government restrictions, waiting for a vaccine to be developed, how other people act around us and of course the weather. It is crucial to remember that while external influences may feel like they are pulling you down, the one thing that we do have control over is our own actions and reactions.

Focusing on the here and now, what is right in front of us is a great way to bring you back in control.

These tools and examples can be particularly helpful for children who are feeling fearful or anxious in light of outbreak of COVID-19.

Make sure you speak to your kids about their feelings, let them know that is ok to talk about them. Encourage them to speak to someone when they are feeling overwhelmed. A great resource is kids helpline and their number is located at the bottom of the poster.

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