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Stone Faces

Stone faces are a great way to help children identify and understand feelings in themselves and in those around them. They can help teach your little about social and emotional behaviours through the different facial expressions of each stone.

You will need
  • Rocks or stones
  • Paint
Let’s begin
  1. For each emotion you will need 4 stones. 2 for the matching eyes, 1 for the nose and one for the mouth.
  2. Choose your first emotion! Start painting the eyes, nose and mouth and allow to dry completely before use.
  3. Continue painting and creating other emotions including happy, sad, shocked, scared, sad, confused, surprised, angry, calm and more!
  4. Work with your little one to create each emotion using the different blocks, remember to involve them by asking for their help to pick out which mouth looks happy, or which mouth looks sad. Mix and match and see if they can copy each face you make!