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Star Wars Day Activity Pack

How will you celebrate Star Wars Day?

Whether you’re introducing the younglings in your life to the saga now or continuing to explore a shared love for the stories in a galaxy far, far away, May the Fourth is the perfect time to gather friends and family, dress as your favorite character, and rewatch or reenact your favorite films and scenes.

Hosting Star Wars Day festivities also means plenty of themed snacks and activities to keep Padawan learners entertained. This activity pack is jam packed with colouring pages, fun word finds and mazes, plus simple recipes for Millenni-Yums and more!

You can download the official Star Wars app for Star Wars Day stickers, which can also be found on Instagram stories.

And check out StarWars.com for cool crafts, fan spotlights, tasty treats, Star Wars Day deals, and more!

Download and print this activity pack below.