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Ribbon Dancing



Centre Director @ Macquarie Park

Dancing is an excellent way for kids to move and use their whole body to exhort energy with a full range of motion and expression. It can fosters teamwork, coordination and rhythm, a love of music, increase feelings of achievement, improve confidence, and boost self-esteem. Educators have found that dance can also have a positive effect on physical health, cognitive development, social and emotional development. Bonus is that kids love dancing and requires minimal to no equipment.

Ribbon Dancing is an excellent exercise for the lower and upper arms. It’s also a great way to build confidence and stamina as they maintain posture while dancing.

What you will need: 

All you need for Ribbon Dancing is a sticks with a ribbon on top! You can buy an original one or make your own fancy ribbon stick from a twig or a dowel and some leftover ribbons.


  1. Get or create a Ribbon Stick
  2. Turn on some music and let your kids dance around while you watch!