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Natural Finger Paint

Make your own homemade fingerpaint in a few minutes with this easy child-friendly recipe. Use beetroot, pumpkin, spinach and blueberries to colour the paint naturally without using artificial colouring.

You will need
  • Cornflour
  • Water
  • Beetroot juice
  • Pumpkin juice
  • Spinach juice
  • Blueberries juice
  • Cold press juicers or nutribullet
  • Saucepan
Let’s begin
  1. Add one cup of cornflour and half a cup of cold tap water to a saucepan and combine using a whisk until a smooth consistency is made.
  2. On low heat, continue to whisk. Add more water for a thinner consistency or add more heat to create a thicker consistency. Once you create a perfect texture for paint let it cool.
  3. Juice the beetroot, pumpkin, spinach and blueberries separately to create the different paint colours.
  4. Finally combine the cornflour mixture with the colourings to create your homemade finger paint!
  5. Be sure to use a tablecloth and an apron to ensure the paint doesn’t go anywhere it shouldn’t.

Note: Even though the paint is safe for children, please do not encourage your child to eat the paint to avoid any confusion when they are exposed to real paint.