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Name Tracing Using Pom Poms

Jamie Fang, Clarence St

Jamie Fang

Assistant Director @ Clarence St

Learning about letters is a natural exploration for children in the Early Years as they become curious learners in their learning. Recognising their name is something many children become excited for, and in turn supports their sense of identity and belonging, all vital for a child’s early childhood development.

A great place for a child to begin their letter recognition is by learning all the letters in their name! We have the perfect interactive learning experience to boost your child’s interest with literacy (and can be done with numeracy too!)

Educational and creative, pom pom letter tracing allows each child the opportunity to build basic understanding of foundational literacy and numeracy skills, phonemic awareness and letter formation. In addition, it also supports your child’s development with their fine motor skills, understand sequences and patterns, and provides a colourful keepsake to display somewhere with pride.

Items and Equipment Needed

  • A bag of coloured pom poms
  • Paper and pencil
  • PVA glue
  • Paint brush


  1. Write your child’s first name on the paper
  2. Ask your child to pick a pom pom
  3. Apply glue to the pom pom and stick it on the first letter of their name
  4. Pick another pom pom – this time, have your child apply the glue and stick it onto the letter next to the first pom pom
  5. Continue to add more pom poms following the outline of the letter, helping your child glue and stick each one (if required) until all the letters are filled
  6. You’re all done! Now, choose a place to hang your pom pom picture on a wall as it is; or, cut around each letter and place them at different heights and angles in a fun pattern

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