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Musical Statues



Centre Director @ Newtown Queensland

Most young children respond positively to music and dance. What better activity to get your kids moving and grooving than listening to music at home with a super-fun dance marathon of musical statues (also called ‘freeze dance’!)

Playing musical statues holds great importance for a child’s development and is the perfect way to keep your kids active, encourage movement and explore creativity. It also allows them to express themselves freely, listen carefully for instructions, respect rules and control their bodies.

And the best part? It’s so much fun for your kids – and for you!

What you will need: 

  • YOU and your children
  • System to play music (smart phone, iPad or stereo)


  1. Tell your children how the game works – when they hear music, they dance. As soon as the music stops, they freeze! That means not moving a muscle!

  2. Start the music. Encourage lots of movement while the kids dance along – if you want to, show them your craziest moves and ask them to copy you.

  3. Stop the music and say ‘FREEZE!’ See which of your kids manages to say super-still!

  4. Start the music again. After a few seconds of dancing, stop the music and say ‘FREEZE!’ again.

  5. Choose to dance and freeze on repeat as many times as you like. Easy!

Final Words or Additional Information 

Through music and movement, children are able to develop coordination, balance and spatial awareness. The game also nurtures cognitive development as children use their listening skills to freeze when the music stops, and practice self-regulation. We are sure musical statues will provide a joyful and meaningful learning experience for all!