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Mood and Music Activity

Music inspires, uplifts, relaxes and fosters creativity! Music can also help children express their feelings when they may be unable to express themselves verbally. It can also help them feel or hear different emotions evoked by a certain music piece.

Try this activity incorporating visual arts, music and encourages them to be aware of their feelings!

You will need
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Water in a cup
  • Music and speaker
Let’s begin
  1. Introduce them to the mood meter, angry is red, happy is yellow, sad is blue, calm is green. Having a visual representation of feelings are especially helpful in younger children.
  2. Play a piece of music that you think represent each of these emotions. While playing each piece, ask your child how that made them feel – sad? happy etc. Help them choose the appropriate colour and ask them to paint using this colour and paint how the music sounds to them. Do the same for each emotion.