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Magnetics Superhero Science

Looking for an exciting interactive activity to do together with your child(ren)? Look no further!

In combining the principles of Reggio Emilia Learning Method, children can be inspired to develop their curiosity,  powers of deduction as well as creativity in this mini science experiment.

What you will need: 

  • Magnet 
  • Paperclip
  • Sticky Tape
  • Superheros & Scenes (laminated) 


    1. Begin by showing the children the Superhero and Scene. Talk about the superpower of flying.
    2. Ask the children to carefully stick a paperclip on to the back of the superhero, suing the sticky tape.
    3. Show the children how to place a magnet behind the screen and the superhero in front of the scene.
    4. Encourage the children to move the magnet along the back of the scene, to make the superhero move across the scene and ‘fly’ from one side to the other.
    5. Children could explore making the superhero move in circles, upwards, downwards and backwards by moving the magnet in different ways. They could also draw their own pictures and scenes making a longer scene from the superhero to ‘fly’ through.

Some Question Prompts:

Leading questions can lead to some super-discoveries!
After following the Steps above try asking:
    1. What happens if you move the magnet behind the scene?
    2. What happens to the superhero picture?
    3. Does the superhero move?

Now try moving the magnet in a different way!