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Letters in Play Dough

Expose your little one to literacy and language by making letters with play dough. This activity is great for letter recognition but also something the kids will enjoy as they can get messy with sensory play!

You will need
  • Letters (You can get these from Kmart, Spotlight or Offlceworks)
  • Play Dough
Let’s begin
  1. Place the letters in the middle of the table and roll out some play dough.
  2. Sitting with your child, ask them to find the letters in their name and press them into the play dough.
  3. Try different words as well. If your child is younger you can guide them when they pick up a letter by sounding it out as they play with it (for example C is for Cat CC C).
  4. They may recite or they may look at you funny! Either way they are being exposed to literacy and language.