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Jungle Play: Imitating Animals

Moving like an animal, or imitating animals, is a follow-the-leader exercise game for toddlers and preschoolers, that is highly used in early childhood education centres in Kids Club. It is designed to build motor skills, encourage creativity, and most importantly, get children outside when they’re stuck inside. 

What you will need: 

Just yourself!

Some Considerations:

Leading questions can lead to some super-discoveries!
When doing this activity consider the following: 
    1. Encourages children to learn about other animals 
    2. Encourages children to stay active in a fun and simple way  
    3. Combines learning and physical activity 
    4. Can be used in a group setting or one on one 


    1. Run like a cheetah 
    2. Slither like a snake  
    3. Stomp like an elephant 
    4. Jump like a kangaroo 
    5. Waddle like a penguin 

What next?

Ask your child what ideas on more animals to imitate !