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Ice Excavation Activity

Ice excavation is fun sensory activity that is perfect for little hands. They will have so much fun digging and smashing through the ice to reveal something special at the end! Seashells, lego blocks or other small toys can be used to hide in the ice. Place animal toys inside and create a animal rescue mission story!

You will need
  • Your choice of bowls, containers or cups
  • Water
  • Small toys, trinkets or objects
  • Squeeze bottles
  • Toy hammer, small rolling pin or hard toy object
  • Large tray
Let’s begin
  1. Fill your bowl or container cups with water. You can use a variety of different sizes.
  2. Add some small toys, trinkets or objects into the water.
  3. Put this into the freezer overnight until completely frozen.
  4. Take the block of ice out of the bowl and place it into a large tray.
  5. Encourage your child to excavate the objects from the ice. Use the squeeze bottles filled with warm water to melt the ice or use a hard object such as a toy hammer or rolling pin to smash the ice around the toys.