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How To Improve Concentration Power & Focus In Children?

We all know that sometimes young children can be easily distracted. Even as adults we can regularly struggle with concentration and focus. It’s even tougher for growing and developing minds. 

In this article, we’ll look at what can be some of the causes for a lack of concentration in children and offer some tips on how to improve concentration in our children.  

Why are concentration and focus so important for developing minds? 

Firstly, you might be thinking, why is it even important for children to have the ability to focus and concentrate? They’re children, they don’t need that skill yet do they? 

Well, it is important to remember that good habits start at a young age. As much as we can encourage our children to practice their focus and concentration means that as their growing minds mature and develop; they continue to make those connections in their brains to be able to focus on a task at hand.  

Having concentration and focus is especially important for our pre-school aged children as they begin to prepare and transition into a more formal school setting such as primary school. The teaching styles in primary school whilst similar can be a little more regimented and will require your child to focus for longer periods of time.   

What can cause child to not be able to focus? 

One sure way to cause a child to lose focus and concentration is having too many distractions.  

The best way for a child to remain focused is for them to only have one thing or task at a time to concentrate on. 

The focus power of a child will also depend on what the task is they are trying to concentrate on. If the task is repetitive or boring to the child, they’re really going to struggle to remain focused. 

Sometimes, external factors to childcare or school can contribute to a lack of focus. Such as things like personal problems at home, or a life event that has caused upheaval in the family unit, a change in the child’s routine etc.  

Some ways to deal with a lack of concentration is by implementing things like concentration games for children and child concentration exercises, as these will develop the power of concentration and focus in the child’s mind, whilst still being a fun exercise for children.  

The ability to remain focused and concentrate for extended periods is a handy life skill that’s best developed at a very young age. In fact, around 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of 5. 

How Kids Club helps children learn tfocus and concentrate 

At Kids Club, we understand the importance of providing engaging learning environments, as this naturally helps children to focus on the task at hand. This includes organising children into small, focused groups so they can engage in things like child concentration exercises and concentration games. We also provide quiet learning spaces that are free from distractions, as this is paramount for a child to be able to learn to concentrate for longer periods of time. 

It is important that the games and exercises we engage our children in, are ‘ticking many boxes’ for their development. For example, the regular routine at Kids Club encourages focus throughout various activities, and form an integral part of a child’s development. One such program is “munch and move”, as this type of program helps to increase the power of focus in young children whilst eating and maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits.  

In order to gain the attention and focus of individual children, it’s vital to understand the child’s needs at that time and how they learn. At Kids Club, we take the time to get to know what works best for each child and also use the child’s interests to spark interaction, engagement and ultimately the ability to focus and concentrate. 

Not only do we support children in maintaining focus and concentration but we also work towards supporting children in increasing their memory power. An increased ability to recall information can also assist a child in developing their focus and concentration skills, and on the flip side, the ability to concentrate also improves a child’s ability to recall information. 

We use techniques such as role modelling, play based learning, enquiry and interest based learning to support our teachings of focus and concentration.   

Make Kids Clubs your choice for early childhood learning

If you want to give your child or children the best start in life, consider enrolling them at your local Kids Club. We have centres all throughout NSW, Qld, Vic and the ACT, so there’s bound to be a Kids Club near you. 

Along with working on developing the important ability to be able to concentrate and focus our educational practices and programs encompass a variety of ways to help your children develop their minds and bodies in many facets. Our program also includes getting your child “school-ready”, so when they transition from early learning to their school years, they have a strong basis of knowledge with both their education and self-development. 

While learning and development are one of the major focuses at Kids Club, we also understand that children want to have fun. That’s why just about all of the activities we provide offer an element of fun. 

If you want to learn more, call Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres or book a tour now of your closest Kids Club Early Learning Centre, click here to view your closest Centre.

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