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Impact of Educational Toys on Child’s Growth and Development – Kids Club Child Care

Children love to play and discover the world around them. Everything is new and exciting and presents an opportunity to learn. Encourage your kids’ curiosity in a way that helps them to develop into confident and well-rounded individuals. 

The importance of toys in child life is significant. There is such a broad range of options that can appeal to nearly any personality and learning style. Toys make learning an experience to look forward to and can be an effective and unique way to introduce concepts and skills. 

While you can utilise educational toys to help your child’s growth in nearly any way, here are a few of the most common, and significant, ways that they can help.  

Develop Motor Skills 

Young children need to be taught how to interact with their surroundings in a safe and effective way. Toys are a fantastic way to do this. Each daily task that a child is presented with is new to them. Give them toys and games to play with that allow them to develop the skills they need to accomplish other things more easily. Hand-to-eye coordination and gaining control over movements, both large and small, takes practise and focus. 

Artistic projects like painting are great for both creative development and fine motor skills. Other popular toys that assist in this area are building blocks and playtime with sand or water. 

Problem Solve 

Toys and child development are the perfect match. Small kids have a shorter attention span and benefit from being presented with new information in an enjoyable manner. It makes it easier to capture and keep their attention long enough to absorb the knowledge they need.  

Skills like cognitive thinking and problem-solving can be presented through various types of matching games and puzzles.  

Learn Cause and Effect 

Children need to learn that every action they perform has consequences, whether positive or negative. Toys are a safe way to do this. For example, a child splashes a toy in the water and gets water in their face, learning that splashing causes them to get wet. Other great examples are anything that involves pressing a button or moving a toy in a certain way to achieve another movement or reaction.  

Observe and Process Information 

Outside playtime is a fantastic way for children to build physical strength and gain a greater understanding of how the world works. Playgrounds filled with slides, swings, and places to climb are always favourites of most children. 

Nature is another wonderful teacher. Kids love to watch and play with creatures they find and explore everything around them. You can encourage your child to pay closer attention and began to more easily retain and relay information by asking them questions about what they see. Point out interesting things and ask them to do the same. Emphasizing the need to be gentle and caring with the animals and plants around them also teach compassion. 


Some of the best early development toys are those that are made for multiple children. Social skills such as taking turns and sharing are vital to future success. Getting used to behaving appropriately in a group and working together as a team will also serve them well when they enter school.  

Express Emotions 

All children need to learn how to express their emotions in a healthy way. Hiding away and suppressing them often leads to bottled-up pain, developmental delays, or even internalised traumas that impact them throughout the course of their lives.  

Playtime can be a welcome way to introduce the importance of expressing feelings and emotions. You can encourage your child to tell a story with toy figures and talk about how different circumstances make them feel. For example, a broken toy can start a conversation about loss and upset.  

Build Identity 

Child development through play is an amazing opportunity for a child to discover what he or she likes and doesn’t like. They get to use their imagination and interactions as information to build their identity. By using their senses to interact with toys, alone or as a group, they start to collect pieces of information about the kinds of activities they prefer and where their strengths lie. Each new piece then combines together to help to form the child’s personality and character.  

Help your child get a head start in life by giving them the best from the beginning. Enroll them in the Kids Club childcare centre that goes above and beyond to provide early learning experiences in a fun and engaging way.  

Miss Jess
Miss Jessica
Centre Director @ Kedron
I believe that by providing children with stimulating environments, activities and the autonomy to make choices in their educational setting, they can grow to become strong confident individuals ready for future school years and life ahead.