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Flying Superheroes

Looking for an exciting interactive activity to do together with your child(ren)? Look no further!

In combining the principles of Reggio Emilia Learning Method, children can be inspired to develop their curiosity,  powers of deduction as well as creativity in this mini science experiment.

What you will need: 

  • Balloons

  • Black Permanent Marker

  • Coloured Tissue Paper

  • Sticky Tape


    1. Draw a face on the balloons with permanent marker.
    2. Blow up the balloons but do not tie them off. Keep the opening closed with your hand.
    3. Using the stick tape, attach some tissue to the slimmer end of the balloon to make a cape.

Some Question Prompts:

Leading questions can lead to some super-discoveries!
After following the Steps above try asking:
    1. Can you hold the end of the superhero balloon tightly closed?
    2. What is inside the balloon?

When you are ready, let go of the superhero balloon and watch it whizz around the room!

Now try asking:

      1. What is leaving the balloon when you let go of the end?
      2. Why does it fly across the room?