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Educator of the Month

Educator of the Month

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the amazing work teachers do in guiding and educating children every day. It is important to show recognition for the important work they do to shape the future leaders of our world. Educator of the Month is a way of showing appreciation for their passion, knowledge and enthusiasm. To recognise their achievements, their strengths and the challenges they overcome as a result of dedication, perseverance and team collaboration.

How do we know who the right Educator is?

We encourage families, children and educators to be involved with the selection process of Educator of the Month. Through involving everyone in the process it provides opportunities for families to voice their appreciation for the Educators and also allows the children to have a voice and thank their Educators who they love and admire immensely.

Educator for September 2016

Miss Aime is a joy to watch with the children at the Clarence Street Centre.  Her enthusiasm is contagious as she sings along throughout the day.  Watching the children flock to her with excitement is a testament to her abilities to make the children feel welcome, nurtured and loved. Aime comes from a big family and was always surrounded by children which lead to her passion to foster the development of children especially enhance their social and cognitive skills.

Her favorite part of the day is receiving cuddles! Aime strongly believes and approaches each day with the following quote, front of mind;

                                                              “A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his or her own image, but to develop students who can create their own image”.

At Kids Club we appreciate everything you do Aime! You are a valued member of our team and we always look forward to seeing your bright smiling face every day, thank you!

Have something to say about our awesome Kids Club Educators?

We love hearing what our Kids Club Community has to share about our wonderful Educators. If you would like to share your experience with one of our Kids Club Educators, please do so and we will count your feedback towards the next months Featured Educator.