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Educators Day: An Open Letter to Early Childhood Educators

To our wonderful Educators everywhere;

Today we celebrate “Educators Day”. Yer Ha!

As I woke up this morning and came into the office, I reflected, as I often do, on how special our Educators are. But today it had a different feel to it. The reflection of this year has been a tough one and I truly felt that in 2020, now more than ever, the Early Childhood Education Sector has been greatly tested by the impacts of Covid-19. Particularly for our Educators. We learn a great deal about ourselves during these trying times and we also learn about others as we witness their responses to the trials at hand. This year, educators have shown me something I have always known; they are resilient people. But more so, they were tested and they proved it through their actions. As examples in our community they have taught not only our children, but also us adults something about the importance of passion and shining in the face of trying times. 

I remember once reading an old Japanese Proverb; 

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”. 

This old Japanese Proverb just fits for today’s celebration of Educators Day. I constantly find myself surrounded by great educators as I walk through the halls of each and every one of our centres. The pure joy you bring to these children’s lives and the impact you have on them every day is nothing short of being their hero’s. The work that you put in with the children, the kind nurturing environments that you build and your resilience is the evidence of this. You truly are all “great teachers”. 

You hold one of the toughest jobs in the world. In your centres, right now, you are helping raise the next generation of leaders. As Early Childhood Educators, you help build the foundations of a lifelong journey for the children that you interact with. Some of them may be too young to remember your face, but the effects of your teaching will remain with them for the rest of their lives. I still remember the name of my pre-school teacher (Mrs Berkanstoff). I remember her ice cream, it was the best.  You are teaching them values as did my pre-school teacher that will far extend beyond the walls of our organisation and follow those children wherever they go across the world. 

You don’t just impact children, but you impact the wider community. I, personally, have learned so much from spending time in your collective presence. I have seen and witnessed acts of compassion, passion and drive that have certainly taught me more in those single moments than what I could have ever experienced on my own. You may not realise it, but, what you do today is impacting the children, the people across our wider business and our communities. 

As I stated earlier; 2020 has been a vastly different and more challenging year than we have every experienced. As Educators, you remained, for many families, a constant in a world of uncertainty. You provided support to those in need. You continued to drive forward with the same passion and enthusiasm that you carry at all times, because you are motivated by a greater purpose that extends beyond yourselves; your love for the children and your passion for education. Very few people will understand what you do, but that is okay. You are bound together by the passion, a calling, that drives you in a way that only you can truly ever understand. For that, I honour you today and thank you for taking up that calling, particularly those of you choosing to do that at Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres. 

Today, we don’t just stop to take the time and say “thank you”. Today, and every day, I will honour you and everything that you do to continue to build into the lives of children and families across our services. We are so proud of everything that you have accomplished and continue to accomplish in our services. You are the beating heart and the living soul of our organisation. Without you, Kids Club is nothing but an empty shell, but with you, we are a thriving body of educational services that can make that difference to the children and parents of whom we teach. 

I say Happy Educators Day and I too love what we do!

Warm Regards,

Corie Stone – CEO, Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres