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Does Playing Lego Benefit Early Childhood?

Playing with toys isn’t just enjoyable playtime. When we think of our young children playing with popular toys such as Lego, we don’t often think about the educational or developmental value of Lego as a result. We simply see a child focused on playing with some building blocks and accessories. However, Lego offers a lot more than meets the untrained eye, as you’ll soon discover when reading this post. Lego and child development definitely go hand in hand in a positive way.

Benefits of Lego Play For Toddlers

Play is a child’s work, and we all work better when we enjoy what we are doing. Children have a natural ability to explore and discover new ways toys can be used. Lego not only sparks their curiosity but also has many benefits for toddlers and young children. If you want your child to get a positive start in life, it’s important to provide them with enjoyable activities that also nurture brain development, improve eye/hand coordination, get a child thinking and analysing, as well as learning new skills. Many toys and activities are educational, and providing Legos for toddlers is one such toy that offers numerous benefits for young children.

For starters, fine motor skills are developed and enhanced, allowing a child to perform more intricate tasks with greater ease over time. Another thing toddlers will learn is the art of persistence. Toddlers can be surprisingly tenacious and don’t give up easily. Lego provides the perfect platform for developing this key character trait that will serve them well all throughout their lives.

Achieving a sense of accomplishment is the result of putting Lego pieces together to form a structure or other tangible object. Remember, there is no right or wrong, so it’s perfect for creative minds too.

Problem solving is a skill that every person in the world needs to develop, and the time to start learning how to problem solve is at the toddler phase. Lego offers up a great activity that also teaches children how to solve a variety of problems.

Why Lego Is Good For the Brain?

It’s just as important for toddlers to exercise their brain as it is to get physical exercise for proper development. Lego provides a way to mastering many other kind of emerging skills, such as problem solving, spatial skills and understanding semi complex tasks.

Using three-dimensional objects also enables young and fertile minds the ability to plan ahead and make the necessary alterations so the pieces fit together as intended.

90% of the child’s brain develops by age 5. It’s a scientific fact that the more the brain is used, the better it develops and the stronger the child’s mental faculties become.

Toddler playing with lego

Benefits of Lego In Early Childhood

Much of what we do, how we think and the way we act in adult life can be attributed to our childhood. Early childhood sets the habits, positive or otherwise, for adulthood in many ways. That’s why it’s vital to teach young children good habits and ways of thinking.

While this can be accomplished via many different avenues, Lego for toddlers is certainly a positive step in the right direction.

Brain development is at a crucial stage in toddlers and small children, so having them indulge in enjoyable activities that promote positive brain development is a good step to take. Let’s sum up just some of the key benefits gained when kids play with Lego:

  • Improved eye/hand coordination
  • The development of spatial skills
  • Persistence and patience
  • Enhanced fine motor skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Achieving a sense of accomplishment
  • Learning how to plan
  • Teamwork when playing with others
  • Enhanced creativity and experimentation
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Self-confidence
  • Toddlers will have fun

There is so much to be gained by having your toddler play with a Lego set, something that can be added to over time as their skills develop. Lego may just seem like a toy, but it offers so much more than that.

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