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Cola Super Fountain

cola super fountain

The mint sweets provide a surface for the gas in the cola to cling on to. The bubbles of gas get larger and as they are lighter than the cola liquid, they quickly shoot to the top of the bottle. This all happens very quickly and a fountain of cola and gas shoots up. There is no true chemical reaction in this experiment.

What you will need: 

  • 2l bottle diet cola
  • Mentos mint sweets
  • A superhero cape and face for the bottle (optional)


    1. Before you carry out the experiment, you may wish to add a cape and a superhero outfit to the bottle of diet cola.
    2. Carry out this experiment outside, with the children at least 3m away from the experiment. It’s messy!
    3. Remove the lid of the bottle and quickly add the mints. Stand back!
    4. The cola will shoot out of the bottle in a fountain.

Some Question Prompts:

Leading questions can lead to some super-discoveries!
After following the Steps above try asking:
    1. What do you think might happen in this super experiment?
    2. What happened?
    3. How fast was it?
    4. How high was it?
    5. How big was it?
    6. How super was it?
cola super fountain