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Christmas Spectacular at Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres

On Monday morning, Kids Club children came into the centre buzzing about our Sunday Christmas Carnival.

It was amazing they said: “There were animals and pony rides, jumping castles and even races for the mums and dads”. The pre-schoolers rated it 5 stars!

“Awesome party!!! Thank you so much for hosting this! Our daughter had a blast (and we did too!)” Hannah

What did we do at Kids Club Carnival?

There was so much to do: the littlest ones enjoyed the karaoke and the disco as much as the elder children. Some decided to make some Reindeer food to put in their garden or their balcony, this helps light the way for the Reindeers on Christmas Eve so Santa can find their house!

There was also a play dough station where the families could make whatever they wanted, a snowman? Or a unicorn and carriage!

The children loved the Fairies who were face painting and had many different beautiful designs.

Forming strong relationships

It was really heart-warming to see the children with their families but also playing with their Kids Club’s friends. Friendships are starting to bloom even among the children from Elizabeth Street which has only been opened 3 months ago. Many child on seeing their friends would run up and give them a hug and excitedly run to the next attraction.

We are finding all of the children from our babies to our pre-schoolers are beginning to form strong relationships with their peers. It is an important skill to learn and is not one that comes naturally to everyone. This is why a curriculum such as the one that is used in the Kids Club Early Learning Centres is so successful. We understand how children developing social and emotional skills influence their mental health and wellbeing. The educators at Kids Club are “in tune” with the children’s needs and also their signals, helping to guide the child’s behaviour for a positive result.

Developing friends can be hard for some children who might need a little more time to help it develop. By having playdates, or centre events such as this one helps children gain more experience in forming the skills needed to feel comfortable with their peers.  Kids Club educators also know that friendships play a big part in academic achievement in their formal schooling years. It’s by social interactions that children learn to communicate effectively so they can acquire knowledge and skills, such as cooperation, negotiating, conflict resolution, listening and even about different ways of thinking.

At the end of the day, we all joined together, mums, dads, educators and children to sing a rousing song of Jingle bells so Santa could hear where we were!

Santa’s coming to town!

As Santa was walking over to us many of the children clapped and squealed with glee. Some even went to check if his beard was real! The children loved the opportunity to chat with him and were eager to ask him questions and place their orders! Santa took his time with the children making sure all questions were answered and even had a few photos.

There was something for everyone at the Christmas Carnival. Our grown up family members enjoyed a relaxing massage before taken part in fierce competitions! It was great to see so many mums and dads volunteering to have a race on the bouncy balls. They all had their game faces on, and as the children cheered from the sidelines they were off and bouncing! After three heats we had a Winner and he was definitely grinning! The egg and spoon race was just as exciting, with some unique ways of keeping that egg off the ground!

What our Kids Club Parents and Educators said

“Awesome party!!! Thank you so much for hosting this! Our daughter had a blast (and we did too!)”

“You had everything a child could wish for in a party! Ponys! You had ponys, theres not much more to say”

“Our family loved being at the carnival and my child was so excited to see all the animals, he stayed there most of the day! He was very tired.”

“It was great to spend the day with the families; it really helps to strengthen that bond we are building at the centre.”

“I haven’t laughed so hard watching the competitions”

“It was an amazing experience to see families and educators come together”

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