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Celebrating National Early Childhood Educators Day

Celebrating National Early Childhood Educators Day: A Tribute to our Kids Club Teams

September 8, 2023

Article Written By:
Jessica Kingi
Marketing Executive
Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres

In the heart of Kids Club, our philosophy centres around the profound recognition of our greatest asset—the remarkable team of qualified and experienced Educators. As we celebrate National Early Childhood Educators Day, we want to emphasize the pivotal role our Educators play in shaping the foundation of early learning to give the children of Kids Club the best start. At Kids Club, we understand that this day is an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the tireless efforts of our team, who not only nurture and care for our children but also plan, implement, and deliver high-quality programs.

Sally Stone, co-founder of Kids Club, encapsulates our commitment to this special day, stating, “It is my profound desire to continue inspiring and recognising National Educators Day. It is an incredibly important day to celebrate the work of our Early Childhood Educators and the vital role they play in the education and care of children, not only at our Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres, but sector wide.”

Amidst the challenges faced by the Early Childhood Education sector this year, including widely reported staff shortages, Kids Club has humbly stood strong in retaining and attracting some of the most qualified, passionate, and experienced Educators in the industry. We believe in supporting and empowering our team to grow and excel through some of Kids Club fantastic initiatives for being part of the Kids Club family which include exploring career development where we look to assist in professional and personal growth as well as the many great benefits that come with working with us.

I have witnessed firsthand the one-team approach at Kids Club and how this extends beyond the classroom. Working alongside our dedicated teams has allowed me to witness the collaborative efforts that our teams put in daily, and my wish to acknowledge them not only today on National Early Childhood Educators Day, but every day! Through their support from family fun days to photoshoots, phone calls and witnessing the love they have with the children in their care, each of these collective moments reflect the unity and willingness of each team member.   

In celebrating this day, let us recognise and applaud the incredible work of our Early Childhood Educators, who continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of the children in their care and their teachings through Early Childhood Education programs. Your passion, commitment, and unwavering dedication to shaping a brighter future for our youngest learners does not go unnoticed and we appreciate that you go above and beyond to create a world of wonder and learning for each and every child.

Our Kids Club centre Directors were thrilled to give back to their teams in recognition of National Early Childhood Educators Day, where teams were treated to mouth-watering spreads to pampering sessions with a local masseuse and nail technician, from heartfelt gratitude certificates to beautifully made hamper baskets, our Directors set out to ensure that every team member (yes, even including our amazing chefs!) received the recognition they deserve for their boundless love, guidance and commitment.

The team at Kids Club Clarence St Celebrating National Early Childhood Educators Day
The team at Kids Club Oakdowns Celebrating National Early Childhood Educators Day
The team at Kids Club Clarence St Celebrating National Early Childhood Educators Day

Melissa, our centre Director at Kids Club Hamilton shared with us her heartfelt sentiment, saying “every day, the dedicated team at Kids Club Hamilton makes a positive difference in the lives of children and families. I wanted to show them how much they’re appreciated and recognise their hard word, dedication and passion.”

On National Early Childhood Educators Day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to every member of the Kids Club family. Your impact reaches beyond the classroom, influencing not only the children but the wider community. Your dedication to instilling a love of learning shapes the minds of the future, and we are genuinely thankful for the vital role you undertake daily.

Thank you, today and every day. Happy National Early Childhood Educators Day!

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