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Best Educational Toys & Gifts for Kids in 2021

Children love to have fun but at the same time, as a parent, you want to start their education as early as possible. After all, it’s when children are very young that they actually learn a lot and tend to learn the best. 

This article is going to be taking a look at some educational gifts for kids that are both fun, as well as helping children to learn knowledge and skills, which will in turn help prepare them for the school years ahead. 

What Are Some Good Learning Toys for Toddlers? 

There are literally so many different toys and games on the market that are designed to educate children about all different learning experiences. Remembering a toddler is still learning and experiencing life moments, so the level of understanding will be at a different level to a preschooler. Educational toys for toddlers and preschoolers are at a developmentally appropriate stage.  

Building blocks have proven to be a hit for many years now. Toddlers have fun stacking the building blocks on top of one another and it also helps to develop their problem solving skills as well as spatial skills. 

Providing your toddler with some crayons and paper will keep them engaged as well as helping them become more creative. Another benefit of using crayons is your toddler can explore and learn colours with your help through colour recognition and developing fine motor skills through grasping the crayon. 

Vehicle and sound puzzles, such as the Melissa and Doug Vehicles Sound Puzzle, teach children about associating the right sounds with the right vehicle. They’ll also learn more about the vehicles and shapes as they complete the puzzle. 

Memory matching games, either using a deck of cards or something like the Aussie Animals Memory Match game will serve to increase a toddlers ability to draw on their memory skills, as well as learning more about numbers and animals in the process of developing their cognitive skills. 

Educational Toys for Preschoolers 

Preschoolers have reached an age where they can challenge their learning development and growth. Children enjoy to explore new ideas through play-based experiences.  

Meccano Set can be enjoyed by all preschoolers. Meccano has been around since 1898, that’s how popular and successful it is. Children learn about construction, basic mechanics and engineering, using tools, developing design skill and sparking creativity and imagination whilst challenging children’s motor skills. Meccano is a fantastic learning tool and an example of an open ended experience for a child whilst providing joy to children. 

How about a weather and science lab? There are a few educational resources that are available where children can explore simple weather and science experiments and methods, educating children about nature and the environment whilst also exploring scientific concepts as well as understanding the environment we live in. 

The ABC 123 Abacus is a great learning game. This learning tool is made up of letters, numbers and images allowing children to explore different mathematical elements. The game is designed to encourage children to learn about numeracy, develop motor skills and problem-solving abilities whilst exploring the movement of the resource. 

The Best Christmas Gifts for Kids 

When it comes Christmas presents for children there are so many toys that allow children to explore and challenge their development whilst still bringing joy. The educational resources that have been mentioned are great for children to learn and explore new creative elements and challenge themselves along the way. 

How about a 4M STEM Gift Multi Pack from KidzLabs? This activity contains various models and resources designed to teach children about science and the way the world works. It is important that children have a sound understanding with the world around them and how it works. As children grow they adopt their own explanation as your child sees the world as is.  

Board games and puzzles are always a great learning opportunity for children to challenge and explore their cognitive development. This also includes jigsaw puzzles which are an educational resource which help develop children’s  hand-eye coordination skills as well as challenging their problem solving skills. 

Children can spend the summer growing their own crystals with a 4M Crystal Growing Kit. Everything that’s required to grow crystals in 7 different stages is included in the kit. This is a great way for children to develop scientific concepts as they watch the process of the crystal change throughout 7 different stages. This activity brings a lot of excitement as children cannot wait to see what is next whilst it’s educational and it will keep them amused for weeks. 

Enrol Your Child In An Early Learning Centre 

One of the very best educational gifts for kids is to enrol them in a Kids Club Early Learning Centre. At our centres, children are involved in various activities that help them learn and are also fun to participate in. Children will also embark on the school readiness program to help them get ready for school and make the transition smoother and easier. Talk to us today about enrolling your child. 

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I am passionate in providing children with a positive learning experience. This comes with building strong relationships with the children and their families. I believe children are motivated to learn when their environment is stimulating and enriching.