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Kids Club welcomes Annabel Karmel as National Nutrition Partner, putting the ’mmm’ into mealtimes!

Imagine a childcare option where your little one gets to enjoy Annabel Karmel’s delicious home cooked recipes every day of the week…YUM we hear you say!

Well, that’s just what our children at Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres are about to experience as Annabel brings her kids cooking know-how to Kids Club Centres.

With hundreds of children in our care across centres in Sydney and Canberra, Kids Club knows how crucial it is for babies and children to stay fuelled on the right foods. Kids Club truly believes healthy nutrition is key during early education and have made it one of their 4 pillars.

We also recognise the importance of introducing a diverse range of delicious flavours to encourage good, healthy eating habits for the future.

That’s why Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres have partnered with global children’s food expert and bestselling international author (with 45 cookbooks to her name) Annabel Karmel, MBE to bring a wealth of expertise and cooking know-how to our centres.

Announcing AK partnership

Annabel is recognised all over the world for creating delicious, healthy meals for babies and children. Closer to home, Annabel Karmel’s nutritious, tasty snap-frozen toddler meals range can be found at major supermarkets.

Kids Club are raising the bar in early childhood nutrition collaborating with the “Messiah of mini-munchkin food” (!) Annabel Karmel who is bringing a wealth of expertise and cooking know-how to our centres. Annabel Karmel has worked closely with the chefs at Kids Club to ensure mealtimes become an even better part of the day for our children.

Dedicated to packing in plenty of goodness whilst ensuring mealtimes are anything but bland, Annabel Karmel has cooked-up a variety of appetising recipes that even the pickiest of eater will enjoy.

Nutritional Menu Kids Club

Catering for every food sitting, and catering for children with specific dietary requirements, the menu will enable children to experience everything from timeless favourites to yummy hidden veggie dishes and recipes that take a cue from a world of flavours.

Annabel Karmel says:

“Eating habits and tastes are formed from an early age, so it’s incredibly important to introduce a good variety of foods at the earliest possible opportunity.”

“Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres shares my vision to ensure every child gets the nutrients they need for their development and long-term health, and my freshly prepared, well-balanced menus certainly put the ‘mmm’ into mealtimes.”

Partnering with Annabel Karmel also came down to a strong alignment of values for Kids Club CEO and Director of Fun Corie Stone:

“From the opening of our very first centre we’ve strived to offer the best start to a child’s future from having the most creative play spaces to giving parents the peace of mind their little ones were receiving the best nutrition”.

Healthy Nutrition at Kids Club

Kids Club’s National Operations Manager Helen Korch and Sally Stone, co-founder, worked closely with our centre directors, as well as drawing from their own experience as busy working mums, in sourcing this exciting partnership:

“Getting young children to eat, let alone eat nutritiously, is a challenge every parent knows too well. We want to make mealtime more of a novel event for children”

“We wanted something fresh and healthy, something that our chefs and children, and their families can be excited about. To open their palates up to new flavours and types of foods that would encourage healthy eating habits.”

“Sally and I have five children between us and we’ve both used Annabel Karmel’s products in the past, I basically raised my two boys on her meals as I was a time poor, busy mum. Sally had used her recipes and mentioned how easy the meals were to prepare”.

“When we researched Annabel Karmel, we found it easy to make recipes and loads of expert advice for parents about pregnancy, babies, toddlers, allergies and so much more.”

Annabel visited our Sydney centres and loved them! She took the opportunity to talk to our Chefs, prepare food for the children and answer some of our mums questions.

Cooking with Kids
Annabel Karmel at Kids Club Northern Beaches

About Annabel Karmel

With a career spanning more than 25 years, bestselling international author, global food expert and parenting influencer, Annabel Karmel MBE has pioneered the way families all over the world feed their babies and children.

Since launching with her revolutionary cookbook for babies in 1991 – a feeding ‘bible’ which has become the 2nd best-selling non-fiction hardback of all time – Annabel has become a powerhouse within the food industry with 6 million books sold globally, menus in the world’s largest hotels and leisure resorts, bestselling apps and a vast digital following with millions of parents accessing her recipes and advice.

Most recently, Annabel launched her Real Food Kids Will Love cookbook in Australia, filled with over 100 recipes for toddlers, children and the whole family. And when parents don’t have time to scratch-cook, Annabel’s award-winning snap-frozen toddler meals have become a go-to freezer filler among busy Australian households.

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