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Alphabet with rocks

Use the alphabet with rocks activity to help teach your child about letter recognition. Get creative with different designs, colours and glitter to make the rocks look spectacular. You can also use different types of pictures on the rocks to make Story Stones.

You will need
  • Rocks (Bunnings have beautiful rocks you can buy that suit this activity).
  • Permanent markers
  • OPTIONAL: Paper with letters printed on them, PVA glue, paint brush and water
Let’s begin
  1. Simply use a permanent marker and write letters on the rocks, add colour and designs to make them more interesting. You are all set!

If you are wanting to use the PVA glue method, the best way to do this is by making a PVA wash which is like mod podge in the crafting world.

  1. Pour the glue in first and then add a little bit of water until it is of a medium consistency (it flows freely but looks thick).
  2. Add the glue to the rock and stick the paper on.
  3. Using your brush, paint over the top of the paper and the rock itself.
  4. Place it aside to dry.