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All about my Mum and Grandma: Mother’s Day Activity

Ask your little one to draw a portrait of mum or grandma and think about all the awesome things they do and why they love them. A sure way to spread some joy and laughter on this special day.

Get your child to fill in the blanks by saying it out loud or by writing in down using our worksheet.

  • My Mum’s/Grandma’s name is _________.
  • My Mum/Grandma is _________ years old.
  • My Mum’s/Grandma’s favourite colour is _________.
  • My Mum’s/Grandma’s job is _________.
  • My Mum/Grandma laughs when _________.
  • My Mum/Grandma always says _________.
  • My Mum/Grandma cooks the best _________.
  • My Mum/Grandma and I like to _________.
  • If Mum/Grandma had the time she would love to _________.
  • I love my Mum/Grandma because _________.

To download and print this worksheet click on the button below.