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A day in the life of your toddler in the Ocean Room

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A day in the life of your toddler in the Ocean Room

After our journey with our Kids Club babies in the Rainforest Room, let’s get a glimpse of the curriculum for our toddlers in the Ocean Room (also check out our video below).

Following our Education for Life program, your child will experience a wide range of play-based learning opportunities. Kids Club Early Learning Centre take a holistic approach to your child’s learning and development and provide learning opportunities based on the children’s interests.

              The Ocean Room for our toddlers (from 2 to 3 years old)

Toddlers Early Education

Play is a means for exploration of the world for a child. Children use play to make meaning and connections. A play-based learning approach means that your child will learn and develop an array of skills at their own pace and through their own interests. At Kids Club Early Learning Centres, we believe that children learn and develop most effectively through play and social interactions. Therefore, our programming is founded on play-based and interest-based learning.

Many of the children who start in the Rainforest Room will later transition to the Ocean Room. The transition is based on the children’s development more than just their age. Some of the factors we consider before transition the children are how socially confident they are in a group of older children. If they are settling happily during the morning routine and if they are ready for the next development challenges that await in the Ocean Room. This is a gradual process over a few weeks to ensure it is a smooth transition for the children.

Good Morning Sunshine!

7:30am: Opening of the Centre

On arrival, the families apply sunscreen and enjoy a settling experience with their child. During this time, they share any relevant updates verbally with an educator, or jot a note in the communication book.

Breakfast is served to the children until 8.00.

Breakfast Club from 8.00 to 8.30:

If you arrive after 8.00 am we have a very popular free Breakfast club set up in the dining area. Families who join the breakfast club can enjoy a choice of whole grain cereals, fresh fruit, milk and water.

After breakfast, the children engage in planned learning experience guided by the educational program. Our program stems from the children’s interest and curiosity, constantly scaffolding children’s learning.

Spontaneous small group sessions occur throughout the morning to settle children into their environment.

It is through playtime activities that toddlers are able to expand on their growth and development. Our Ocean rooms are filled with wonderful resources especially made for this age, meant to extend the children’s emerging interests, their imagination and fine motricity:

– Sensory toys and activities: mystery bags, light table
– Building blocks, trains, dolls and wooden kitchens
– Cutting, gluing and collage making activities
– All kind of painting activities: with their body, with trucks, with leaves, imagination is the limit!

Our educators teach the children skills such as curiosity and passion for learning, patience, perseverance, problem solving techniques and trial and error. Developing these skills in a play-based manner enables children to develop positive dispositions towards learning that will remain with them for their entire lives.

Yesterday, the children took part in the complete process of creating an artwork. It enables an understanding of the step to step process needed. They learnt that creating something beautiful takes time. Here at Kids Club Early Learning Centres we believe the process of making art shouldn’t be rushed or dictated. The children are using all their new found skills when involved in the activity.

Morning tea is served from 9.00 to 10.00

Progressive morning tea will be offered to the children allowing them to choose when they would like to eat. During this time planned learning experiences both indoor and outdoor are organised for the children to engage in.

Children wash hands and sit down for morning tea, and then transition back to a free choice of experiences.

The children are transitioned into two groups based on their development stage (generally under 2 years old and over 2 years old)

Spontaneous and planned intentional teaching sessions take place to challenge the children’s concentration, listening skill and language development. These sessions are based on the educational program which can be viewed in the Daily Reflective Journals.

At this age, toddlers start developing their independence and our experienced educators are here to encourage them in this important transition phase. They get quality learning experiences based on their own interests. Including for example listening skills, memory games, toilet training, shoe lacing, meal eating or sharing with others.

11:30 Fine dining at Kids Club

The first group of children (generally the younger toddlers) will transition to wash their hands and make their way to the dining room for lunch.

All the meals are prepared in our commercial kitchen by our professional chefs

Today at Kids Club Elizabeth street the children enjoyed Lemon butter baked fish with sweet potato mash and fresh fruit. Served with milk and water

Once children have finished their meal they are encouraged to empty their bowls to entice autonomy and self-help skills.
The children will return to their rooms where the room will be set up for rest time. The lights are dimmed and calming music is played to soothe the children.

Afternoon Adventures…

3.30- Play and Learn: Indoor and Outdoor planned learning experience including cooking/play-doh making, investigation, literacy, art and craft, music and singing, movement and language.

At Kids Club we have introduced the Munch and Move program. It is all about encouraging children to get up and move after eating some healthy food while having fun. This includes anything from throwing or kicking balls, jumping, bicycle riding, sliding or running.

Our toddlers just love to go for an adventure in our beautiful outdoor area, they climb the wooden play equipment, have fun with our water trough or drive the Rolls! They engage in fun activities meant to improve socialisation, sharing but also developing their gross motricity.

Activities can include:
– playing with Hula hoops, balls, balance mats, balance beam…
– Soccer classes
– Obstacle races and friendly competitions
– Building sand castles
– Art activities

Progressive afternoon tea is available for the children from 2:30-3:30, encouraging serving themselves to promote help self skills.

At Kids Club we encourage community and family involvement. We have an extensive calendar of events which incorporates a range of incursions including Cultural performances, marine biologist visits, hatching chick’s programs just to name a few. Further, our aim is to introduce the children to various community causes including sustainability Week, Cultural Diversity week, Clean up Australia day and many more!

Our open door policy allows families to encourage a connection to our world. Parents can come anytime to have lunch or get involved in the curriculum, read stories, have lunch or even showcase their special talents!
Here is one of our very talented moms who came in and played the violin for the children. Another day, we had a very special furry friend named Charlie. Developing relationships with animals, such as our friend Charlie, can help children develop nurturing skills, responsibility, empathy, a caring attitude and verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It gives rise to a lot of fun and smiles.

Indoor/ outdoor play – Free choice of equipment and experiences guided by children’s interest and planned/ intentional teaching.

5pm- 6:30pm: late Afternoon snack is served.

Like our other Rooms, the Ocean Room has its own program based on the Early Years Learning Framework of the Department of Education and Training. Our focus is to support, guide and help them thrive through this incredible stage of development toddlerhood is!

Families will be able to follow all their progress thanks to our parent communication program (Daily journals sent by the Centre Manager to your email, Direct exchange with your child’s educator, Centre events you can attend, and newsletter).

Come and visit our beautiful Centres!


  • Secure biometric fingerprint access
  • Bed sheets
  • 5 nutritious meals, prepared fresh daily by our onsite chef
  • Kids Club’s Educational program
  • Daily communication through conversations, e-mails & displays
  • Large safe and natural outdoor environment
  • Sun safe hat & sunscreen
  • Kids Club t-shirt, hat, back pack, water bottle and Jumper

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