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A day in the life of your child at Kids Club Early Learning Centres

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A day in the life of your baby at Kids Club Early Learning Centres

If it’s your first time enquiring for a position at an Early Learning Service, you probably wonder if all Early Childhood Centres are the same.

The answer is no. The routine might be the same but care, activities, resources, environment and the education philosophy can vary.

Let’s go through what a typical day in the life of your child might look like in one of our Early Learning Centres in Sydney.

Your child will discover one of our Room, depending on their age: The Rainforest Room (for babies), Ocean Room (toddlers) and the Outback Room (pre-schoolers).

Each Room has its own program based on the Early Years Learning Framework of the Department of Education and Training.

Our Education for Life philosophy consists of Planned Learning Experiences and Intentional teaching sessions, Individual interest and Observation.

The Rainforest Room for our babies (from 0 to 2 years old)

Starting long day care is a big transition for the family but trust us, it is going to be more difficult for you than it is for your child!

While you are going back to work, your baby is starting a program developed by caring experienced educators and filled with enriching activities, great food, and new friends.

Good Morning Sunshine!

The centres open at 7.30 for the families who need an early start. Our educators are up and ready to welcome the first babies with a full program of activities, lots of hugs and nurturing words.

Our Open door policy will allow Mum to visit or breastfeed at any time, Dad can become involved in the program through cooking classes, story time or even come in for lunch. They will both have the opportunity to call the educators (and most do !) to know how their child’s day is going.

8.30: Planned learning experiences and Tummy time.

Did you know spending time on her tummy allows your baby to develop control of her head and body. Once she has mastered head control, your baby will be able to have a good look at the world around her. Tummy time gives your baby the opportunity to strengthen the muscles she needs to prepare her for rolling, crawling, and pulling herself up. This is what prepares her for later being able to sit on a chair, hold straight and write!

9h30: is the time of the well expected Morning tea.

Today the Chef made Fruit puree with yogurt, avocado sandwich and a selection of fruit.

We encourage the eldest ones to use their spoons and they love it!

10.00: it’s Nap time for the youngest babies.

Wrapped or not, with our individual heart beat monitors.

Our cot rooms are set at 21 degrees Celsius and only sleeping bags and a small comforter are allowed in the cots (as per Sids and Kids safe sleeping recommendations).

We follow all our babies’ individual routines to make it a smooth transition from home to the centre. – If they are sleeping during morning tea or lunch we will put it aside for them when they wake.

For the eldest, it’s Planned learning experience based on their interest and constructed from the weekly educational program –  We believe in providing our babies with opportunities to choose what activity they want to do and be involved covering a range of development areas.

11.00: We are offering ‘Intentional teaching’ activities where children have opportunities to set their own goals and select materials and activities. Our educators encourage the babies’ efforts and help them by talking with them about what they are doing, by joining in their play and by helping them to solve problems.

                                                                                             Intentional teaching as defined by The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is
                                                                                       ‘educators being deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions’. 
                                                                                         Intentional teaching is the opposite of teaching by rote, or continuing with traditions 
                                                                                                                    simply because things have always been done this way.

These activities take place inside or outside depending on the weather at various moments during the day and include for example:

Creative skills – Arts and crafts based on their interest – Pasta play, dressing up, Pasta, Crayon drawing, but the most popular are Messy activities! (finger painting, cucumber gluing or Dinosaur printing for Dinovember 😉 Some babies don’t want to do it at home but enjoy participating when doing it with their friends.

Music and dance – Today, as our babies love music and to bang things, we extended on this interest by bringing in our big drum. We had a bang using our hands to bang and we tapped fast and slow in time and sang too.

Literacy and numeracy – counting the lego blocks, alphabet stories and of course story reading!

Social skills – Throughout the day our babies have many opportunities to engage in various ways to enhance their social skills. They gradually learn to identify and express their feelings and gain skills and understanding about relating to others. We also develop caring for the baby dolls, learning how to share, Circle time…


Sensory play experiences – We want to develop curiosity in our babies and natural desire to investigate and think. Yesterday, we participated in a treasure box play. The objects inside were interesting to look at, feel shake and smell: spices, shells, leaves, coloured shapes.  

Other sensory activities can includeKinetic  and wet sand, Goop, Finger or foot painting, sensory bags exploration, Play dough fun exploring different types of sticks to make marks, roll it and make shapes.,  learning to feel different textures, colours, smells, sounds

Thinking skills – colour recognition, shape matching…

11.30: For Lunch we had a delicious Lamb with sweet potato pasta served with cheese and salad + Puree: Zucchini, Carrot & Potato.

For our little vegetarian: Sweet Potato Pasta with home style Tomato Sauce.

Our younger ones will eat every 2 hours and three of our moms are expressing their milk and leaving the bottles with us to give to their babies.

Afternoon Adventures…

After lunch, there is another nap time welcomed after so many new discoveries. Three of our moms are expressing their milk and leaving the bottles with us to give to their babies.

Once rested, our babies will engage to more active learning activities in or outdoors.

We aim to develop both Fine motor skills (threading beads…) and gross motor activities (develop their larger and smaller muscles in our great Outdoor area exploring, Climbing, Ball throwing and kicking).

Our Early Learning Centres in Sydney CBD are architecturally designed for natural light and offer the children amazing outdoor environments to discover the world around them.

Self Help skills –Being a Sun Smart Centre, our babies practice their self help skill through having the opportunity to apply their own sunscreen before going outside. They are gaining confidence in their abilities to try new things, build their self-esteem and develop pride in their independence developing knowledgeable and confident self identities.

2.30: Afternoon tea:  Fresh fruit platter with Seasonal fruits and Pumpkin and sultana muffins

More play and resting in the afternoon with sometimes an incursion like the Nutrition Magician who entertained all the kids, an opportunity for the little ones to mix with the eldest and pat the rabbit!

Most of the afternoons are dedicated to outdoor planned learning experiences with little challenges to increase our babies’ physical skills and their gross motricity. Water play experiences are welcome when the weather is warm. So are the games organised with older Kidsclubbers to increase socialisation!

4.30: Late snack before mum or dad come and pick their little ones. They will have a chat with the educators about their baby’s day and will receive our Daily Journal in their inbox sent by Kids Club every day. A great communications tool for the parents to discover what their child did all day! They get more details discussing the pictures as a family!

We believe in developing strong relationships with our children and with the families, provide a safe and caring environment because we understand how difficult it can be to start long day care for your little ones .

Now it’s time for our educators to tidy the room for tomorrow and sanitise everything! They will have a good night too!


  • Nappies, wipes & Sudocream
  • Avent bottles & Karicare S26 Gold Formula
  • Secure biometric fingerprint access
  • Bed and cot sheets
  • 5 nutritious meals, prepared fresh daily by our onsite chef
  • Kids Club’s Educational program
  • Daily communication through conversations, e-mails & displays
  • Large safe and natural outdoor environment
  • Sun safe hat & sunscreen
  • Kids Club t-shirt, back pack, water bottle and Jumper

P.S – Would you like to visit our Centres? Book your tour now! Call us on 1 300 543 725

Kids Club Childcare is known for having the most beautiful Early Childhood Education centres in Sydney. View a virtual tour here. We believe the best start to your child’s future begins at Kids Club. A statement based on our commitment and practices in (4) key areas: Child-Led Learning, Stimulating Environments, Healthy Nutrition and Experienced Educators.