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6 easy steps to start toilet training your toddler

6 easy steps to start toilet training your toddler

There is no magic age children should start learning how to go to the toilet. Some start developing the necessary skills to be aware of the concept from 20 months of age, however most families don’t start toilet training till their child is nearly 3 years old.

1. What are the signs my child is ready?

Only start toilet training when your child starts showing signs of readiness. Some signs may include:
* Being interested when you or others in your family use the toilet, asking questions or copying the behaviour
* Having a dry nappy for long periods of time
* Waking up from nap time with a dry nappy
* Pulling at a wet or dirty nappy
* Telling you they are going or have just gone in their nappy
* Doesn’t resist to learning to use the toilet

2.Create a routine

Pop your child on the toilet at times they would normally pee or have a bowel movement such as after mealtimes, before bath-time and bedtime. This helps them get used to the idea of going to the toilet and accept it as part of their routine. Try to be encouraging and use happy, positive language to express how proud you are of them trying. At Kids Club the children (18 months +) are encouraged to sit on the toilet every nappy change to become familiar with the idea.

3. Demonstrate & explain

Children learn by imitation. Show and explain what you do when you go to the toilet. Pulling down your pants, wiping, pulling up your pants, flushing and washing your hands.
If you have a son, it is easier for them to get used to the toilet by practicing sitting down first.
For girls teach to wipe from front to back to minimize the risk of urinary tract infections.

4. Training Pants

Adding training pants that pull on and off like underwear enables your child to undress on their own giving them independence. These disposable training pants allow the child to feel wetter when they pee, making them want to sit on the toilet more regularly.

5. Handle setbacks gracefully

Toilet training can be as difficult for parents as it is for the child learning. Setbacks are only temporary and most children will have accidents before being able to stay dry all day. Don’t get angry, feel defeated, or punish your child. After all they only recently learnt how to hold their bladder and they are still learning why it is important to go to the toilet. Mastering this talent will take time. If your child seemed ready and is no longer interested or shows signs of distress or anxiety, give them a break for a few weeks and then try again. You will have an easier and happier time if you wait until they are ready.

6. Helpful tips to make it all a little easier…

* Let your child choose a potty or toilet seat they like
* There are plenty of good books on the subject such as
> Once Upon a Potty                 By Alona Frankel
> Whose Poo?                             By Jeannette Rowe
> Girls Potty Time and Boys Potty Time                 By DK Publishing
> Potty Superhero: Get ready for big boy pants!    By Parragon Books
> Where’s the Poop?                       By Julie Markes
> Big Girl Panties                            By Fran Manushkin

* Use a Potty Training Chart

* Buy a Potty Training Watch
* Buying undies with their favourite character on them encourages kids to stay dry
* What about a Potty song? 🙂

Tinkle, Tinkle on the Potty,
When there’s preasure in your tummy,
Like a good girl (boy) wipe your tusch,
Then flush it down with a woooosh!
Tinkle, Tinkle, on the potty,
And wash your hands like Mommy! (Daddy).

This song was originally posted here.

Remember: Reinforce their pride and always stay upbeat and positive towards their achievement!

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