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4 great extracurricular activities for children in Early Learning Education

4 great extracurricular activities for children in Early Learning Education

What do parents want for their children’s extracurricular activities in childcare?

We have had requests for extracurricular activities so we sent out a survey asking our families what they wanted.

Language classes? Music? Yoga? Sports program? Self-defense & safety classes? Cooking Classes?





Here are the results:

Kids Club extracurricular survey

You asked… Kids Club listens!

The Top 3 extracurricular activities requested by our families to complete our Early Learning program are:

  • Music
  • Sport
  • Foreign Language

So we did it! and we selected amazing organisations who understand these activities must be adapted to Early Learning Childhood and fun for the children!

We are proud to announce that we have Sports, Music and Language classes now at our Sydney Centres (and soon in Symonston)!


1- Sports classes for toddlers and preschoolers


Sports classes for toddlers

Ready Steady Go Kids is a fun sports and exercise program focused on increasing children’s gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balance.

All equipment is modified for children 2.5 – 6 years, made at their size.

We will be playing sports such as AFL, Tee Ball, Cricket, Athletics, Tennis, Soccer or Golf. Go team Kids Club!

The instructors also lead and educate the children on important features including team building and sportsmanship.


Sports classes for preschoolers

2- Languages classes: The ultimate brain booster!

Did you know 6 years old is the age when the window to learn a language starts to close?

AlphaTykes offers a foreign language program that improves children’s oral language through an interactive play-based curriculum. Our families chose Spanish as their preferred language. The children quickly learn the core phrases, numbers, alphabet, colours and basic vocabulary while exploring fun topics like My family, My body, Animals at Home and Transport, Going places, etc.  The lessons include singing, dancing, storytelling and craft to capture the imagination of every child.


Languages classes in childcare


Spanish words you might want to practice 😉

Hola – Hello

Adios – Bye

Familia – Family

Recreo – Playtime

Divertido – Fun

Amigos – Friends


3- Music classes

Music for toddlers

The Boppin’Babies program will be attending Kids Club Centres weekly to stimulate the children with a fun multi-sensory music program.

Music stimulates the brain, emotions and body simultaneously which makes it an incredible learning and development tool for children.

We guess families will notice an improvement in their children’s fine motor, speech and language skills and increased confidence.

Music activities in childcarePhoto credit: Boppin’Babies


Boppin’ Babies uses music to create a multi-sensory learning environment for children, even young babies. Children actively participate in making music and they learn through participation, repetition, practice, immersion and above all, fun!

The reason it works so well is that music activates each quadrant of the brain, making a profound impact on virtually every aspect of learning and development.

For older children, Boppin’ Babies introduces more music education concepts through listening, singing and movement games, and also adds elements of pre-academic skills such as working on pincer grip through instrumental play, rhythms, new words, and following complex concepts and instructions.  A great complement to Kids Club School readiness program!


“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education.” Plato


We are really happy to bring this multi-sensory learning environment to our Kids Club Children!

4- Cooking classes

Cooking classes onsite with our Kids Club chef, explore the children’s creativity and curiosity. We noticed the home corner is popular with the children so we thought we would extend on this play experience with real life fun. Children learn important skills like measurement and volume, nutrition, how to read recipes, teamwork and note an increase in their self-esteem with a sense of achievement while they make something delicious to share with their friends.

Cooking classes with our Chef

Cooking classes with our Chef

Healthy Nutrition is one of our strong belief and our Chefs not only serve nutritious meals each day, prepared fresh in our commercial kitchens but they also take the time to explain healthy food to the children during cooking classes!

To know more about our Healthy Nutrition practices, read here.


Feedback from our families is very important to Kids Club, so we will keep sending surveys. We want to ensure your child is getting the best start to life!

Stay tuned for parent feedback about our wonderful programs and the amazing changes they are seeing in their little ones already.

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Kids Club Team

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