Want to be a Kids Club Parent Ambassador?

Kids Club is on the search for our next lot of superstar parents who are willing to be our ambassadors in a series of online ads!

What is a Kids Club Parent Ambassador? It’s simply someone who is willing to share their experiences of their time enrolled at Kids Club!

If you are ready to be a Kids Club Parent Ambassador, and you know you have what it takes, simply click on the link above and follow the prompts to record and upload your video!

Tips on Making an Awesome Video!

Film in portrait mode and don’t stand too close to the camera! 

We want to make sure we capture all your best angles! 

The more in frame you are, the more we can use this for a wider range of video platforms. Think about how we might use the video if it was in a square format for platforms like Instagram for example. 

A bit nervous?

Don’t be nervous! You’re doing great and you look awesome! 

...plus, you can re-record whatever you don’t like!

And, don’t worry. We won’t make you look silly! We want our parents to shine like the superstars that they are, so we will make sure you look amazing!

Not sure what to talk about?

If you get stuck on a topic, here are a few ideas to help get you started:

– Our caring Educators
– Our quality educational program
– Your relationship with the centre
– What your child loves
– Our playscapes
– Our learning environments
– Our in-house chefs and menu

Don’t forget to smile for the camera! 

Remember looking back on old musical, drama or dance concert videos and there is always the one person that isn’t smiling? We sure do! 

Time to break out those pearly whites and gives us your best smile for the whole world to see!

On a Desktop?

Prefer to do this one on your phone? No dramas! 

You can do this directly from your desktop, but if you prefer to do this from your mobile phone, simply scan the QR code below!

Frequently asked questions

A Kids Club ambassador is someone who is willing to share their experiences of their time enrolled at any of our Kids Club services.

Simply by scanning the QR code (seen above or seen at our centres) and submitting a recording via VideoAsk of your experience with Kids Club.

The easiest part is you can record your video using your phone (if you can, use the back of your phone as the quality is better). You can record your testimony at your child’s centre, at home, your office, or anywhere that supports soft lighting, a clean background and crisp, clear audio.

To be considered as a Kids Club Ambassador, please enter and submit your video by 4:00pm, AEST, 30th June 2023.

We are looking for families to share their experiences about Kids Club, and this can range from the moment you toured, what your child loves, what they have learnt or what makes us different. Be creative, be real, there is no limitation! 

No. Anyone can respond to VideoAsk without creating an account. You will just need to ensure you allow access to your video settings to record your submission. A pop-up box will appear to assist when you are ready to record your submission.

You can review your video before submitting it, however once you submit your video, you are unable to view it.

Yes, you can! However, should your videos be successfully used in our online ads, only one gift card will be rewarded.

Please note, videos should be submitted within an hour of recording as any time after this, it will time out and won’t be saved or be able to be submitted.

If your video is selected, we will send you through a $50 gift card of your choice as a thank you! Please ensure you carefully fill in the details required so we can get back to you.

For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

Your video data will be processed and stored securely on the VideoAsk server to be possibly used at a later stage.

For further information please have a read of our Privacy Policy.

This promotion is valid for any parent or guardian of children attending Kids Club Child Care centres.

Read the full T&Cs here.

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