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What Happens After My Tour of Kids Club Early Learning Centre?

Congratulations! You have just completed a tour of one of our beautiful centres and would like to enrol your child with us. We are excited to have you as part of the Kids Club family and have included some information regarding the next steps in the process.


In order to get ready for the enrolment process, please check if you have answers to these questions:


Daycare Orientation

• When will you want to start the care?
• What days are you after?

In order to allow an easy adaptation to the centre and allow your child to build a strong relationship with the educators, we require a minimum of 2 days per enrolment with a Monday or a Friday as one of the two days offered.

• Will you be flexible if these days are not available?
• Have you applied to receive the Child Care Subsidy?

If not, you can contact Centrelink and apply for the Child Care Subsidy. We will only require the CRN numbers for the Child Care Subsidy (yours and the child’s).

• Are there any other questions you may have regarding the centre or the enrolment team?
• Will you have the necessary finances to proceed and confirm the enrolment?

There will be an Admin Fee and a Bond payment to secure the position.
• Have you had a chance to view the full terms and conditions of the enrolment?


4 steps to confirm the enrolment for your little one:


Enrolling @ Kids Club

1. Contact the enrolment team, if you’re not contacted by one of our friendly consultants first and express your interest to proceed with an enrolment.


2. Advise of the days you are after and the projected start date you would like to ideally start. We can check the availability at the centre for you and confirm.
a. If the days are not available, consider another combination of days
b. If the projected start date is longer than 3 months you may need to go onto a waitlist.


3. Ask any questions you may still have.
a. Daily rate of the service, and out of pocket cost.
b. The room types your little one will be in and the transition process.
c. Opening hours and holiday charges.
d. The upfront charges to secure the enrolment.
e. The documentation you will need to proceed with the enrolment.
f. Any special requirements your child may have whether this is dietary or medical.
g. Any other question you may have that you will need to know before proceeding.


4. Request to enrol
a. Our team will send you an email to get you registered. Select the link provided and register your interest.
b. Pay the upfront administration fee.
c. Our team will receive a notification as soon as this has been completed and we will create an offer to enrol your little one based on your requirements.
d. Log back into your portal (My Family Lounge), check that the offer matches your requirements and accept.
e. Pay the bond required to proceed with the enrolment.
f. The final step is to complete the direct debit form.
g. Once the above steps have been completed, enrolment will be confirmed, and we recommend that you log into your MyGov account and accept the enrolment there as well. This will allow you to receive the Child Care Subsidy.


It’s important to make sure the below is provided prior to starting the enrolment:
• Copy of the Birth Certificate
• An up to date immunisation report – this report needs to be from the Department of Human Services.
• The CRN number for your child and the parent who will be claiming the CCS.
Please make sure you have all these or we will not be able to proceed with the enrolment.


We are very excited to get to know you and your little one during our Orientation process at the centre. Orientations are free of charge and we would recommend 2-3 sessions a week prior to starting at the centre to ease the transition process into the care. Orientations will go for approx. 1 hour.
Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any question!


Our phone number is 1300 543 725, don’t hesitate to call us if you need any additional information 🙂


Kids Club Enquiries Team