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Welcome to our Toddlers’ Room

At Kids Club, the Toddlers' Room is called the Ocean Room

In the Ocean Room, we have created a welcoming and inspiring environment that provides your child with the opportunity to explore, investigate and influence their own experiences and learning. Our qualified educators engage your child in small group experiences to support social interactions and emerging play skills.




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Look Inside our Play Spaces

The features in the Ocean Room include:

Thoughtfully planned indoor environments and play spaces that encourage social interaction, developing independence, and foster language acquisition and practice.

Challenging outdoor playscapes that support your child’s desire to run, jump, explore their environment and test their body’s skills and abilities.

A designated dining space, to build connections with your child, educators and peers.

An outdoor visual and creative arts studio for your child to explore materials.



Welcome to our Toddlers’ Room

About the Room

Your child will move across each environment in small groups with their educator. This gives your child an opportunity for exploration and learning across our Education for Life Program.

Education for Life

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Our Education for Life program

Toddlerhood is such a fascinating age! These are the years when your child makes an important shift from being a dependent child to an independent individual.

Following our Education for Life program, your child will experience a wide range of age-appropriate fun learning opportunities.

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Stimulating Play Spaces

Our playscapes are designed to promote independent exploration, competence and allow toddlers to develop their motor skills. We cater to various developmental needs for each age group and areas are set up to challenge and invite the children to learn.

The fixed equipment is natural and designed to allow children free exploration so that they can learn to take chances that are safe, how to negotiate, compromise and work with others to build wherever their imagination takes them.

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Healthy Nutrition

Healthy eating in a child’s early years can increase their cognitive development and ability to learn for years to come.

All our nutritious meals are prepared daily in our commercial kitchen by a Professional Chef to contribute to your child good health and teach our toddlers sound food habits.

Our educators encourage children to develop their self-help skills and test various food.

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