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What is Positive Parenting and Am I Doing it Right?

Child development is a truly fascinating field, and as science and education evolve, we are constantly learning more about early childhood development. But whilst this is all great news, it can sometimes be tough for new parents (or any parents) to keep up with the latest information, advice and parenting solutions.

So to help you raise a content family without getting overwhelmed, here’s our guide to positive parenting solutions and early childhood development.

What is positive parenting? 

If you have a young child, you’ve probably heard about positive parenting solutions. But what does it actually mean?

Positive parenting focuses on discipline in a positive and productive way. By displaying mutual respect and focusing on positive learning for future instances instead of punishing for past actions, the idea is to guide your child towards better decisions and habits rather than restrict them with negativity.

Research suggests that children raised with positive discipline grow up happier with better behaviour and academic performance. And as an added bonus, it reduces stress and removes negativity from your household as a whole. Even newborn babies feed off vibes around them such as joy or stress.

What are positive parenting solutions?

One simple form of positive parenting is to praise your child for doing as they are told rather than scold them. So for example, if your child has just picked up a forbidden item, ask them kindly to hand it over to you and thank them for listening. If they don’t hand it over, take it away calmly and don’t offer any additional attention. Over time, your child will learn that they receive love and attention for positive behaviour. 

Leading by example, otherwise referred to as ‘modelling,’ is also extremely important. Children absorb everything we do and they learn from our actions. So by displaying positive behaviour for your child, you are teaching your child to act the same way. This includes how you interact with your partner and other family members.

Another solution is to develop strong communication between you and your child. Ensure that your relationship is positive and that they feel confident and comfortable confiding in you. Starting this practice in early childhood will build the foundation for a positive relationship throughout the rest of their childhood and into adulthood.

Positive parenting and child development in daycare 

Positive discipline is all about leading by example and encouraging positive behaviours. This doesn’t just apply to the child’s home, however. In order for your child to learn and develop the skills they need, you need to ensure that positive discipline is a part of child development in daycare too. 

So before you commit to a day care centre for your child, make sure you discuss the idea of positive discipline with the caregivers and ask them about specific strategies employed in the centre. This will ensure that your child is given positive examples at all times during their crucial early development years and ensure consistency with any positive parenting initiatives you employ at home.

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